#include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #include <chplot.h> #include <numeric.h> /* Test function */ double func(double x) { return x*x*(x*x-2.0)*sin(x); } /* Integral of test function */ double fint(double x) { return 4.0*x*(x*x-7.0)*sin(x)-(pow(x,4.0)-14.0*x*x+28.0)*cos(x); } int main() { double xi=0.0,xf=M_PI/2,s; int numpoints = 36; array double x[numpoints], y[numpoints]; class CPlot plot; linspace(x, xi, xf); fevalarray(y, func, x); printf("Actual value of the integration is %12.6lf\n",fint(xf)-fint(xi)); s=integral1(func,xi,xf); printf("Result from the function integration is %11.6lf\n",s); plot.Data2D(x, y); plot.Data2D(x, y); plot.PlotType(PLOT_PLOTTYPE_IMPULSES, 1); plot.Plotting(); }
Actual value of integraion is -0.479159 Result from the function integration is -0.479158