Interactive Cam Mechanism Design - Sample Oscillating Follower

This is a sample osciallating cam design with pre-specified input parameters in the input dialogboxes. Following is a list of variables definitions :

Base Radius -- Initial radius of the cam
Follower Offset -- The follower face offset measured from the follower pivot point
Distance between Cam and follower -- Distance from the cam center to the follower pivot point
Profile Points -- The number of points used to calculate the cam profile.
Cam Angular Velocity -- The rotational velocity of the cam. Positive clockwise.
Cutter Radius -- The radius of the CNC mill cutter
Cutter Length -- The length of the CNC mill cutter
Cam Thickness -- The thickness of the cam and the depth that the cutter moves to
Feedrate -- Feedrate for machining
Spindle Speed -- Spindle Speed of the cutter
X-Y-Z Offset -- CNC home position offsets
Duration -- duration of a section [deg]
Osciallating Angle -- Change in the follower osciallating angle in a section [deg]
Motion -- [harmonic/cycloidal] Follower motion, shape of the displacement curve

Input Parameters:

Unit Type:
Initial Parameters:

Base Radius                       [m or ft] : 
Distance Between Cam and Follower [m or ft] : 
Follower Offset                   [m or ft] : 
Profile Points                              : 
Can Angular Velocity                [rad/s] : 

CNC Parameters:

Cutter Radius      [m or ft]:      Cutter Length       [m or ft]: 
Cam Thickness      [m or ft]:      Feedrate       [m/min ft/min]: 
Spindle Speed          [rpm]: 
CNC Home Position Offset:
NOTE: cnc home position offset measured from OLD home to NEW home
X Offset           [m or ft]: 
Y Offset           [m or ft]: 
Z Offset           [m or ft]: 


Duration [deg]: Osciallating Angle [deg]:


Duration [deg]: Osciallating Angle [deg]:


Duration and Oscillating Angle will be determined automatically for this section

What outputs do you want to display:

  1. Cam Profile
  2. Position
  3. Velocity
  4. Acceleration
  5. Transmission Angle
  6. CNC code
  7. Animation -- Number of frames:

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