Crank-Slider Coupler Point Acceleration Analysis

The time derivative of Vp gives the acceleration vector Ap.

Ap = d/dt(Vp) = i*alpha2*r2*exp(i*theta2) - omega2^2*r2*exp(i*theta2)
+ i*alpha3*r5*exp[i*(theta2 = beta)] - omega3^2*r5*exp[i*(theta3 + beta)]

The x coordinate of the coupler acceleration is

apx = alpha2*r2*sin(theta2) - omega2^2*r2*cos(theta2)
+ alpha3*r5*sin(theta3 + beta) - omega3^2*r5*cos(theta3 + beta)

and the y coordinate is

apy = alpha2*r2*cos(theta2) - omega2^2*r2*sin(theta2)
+ alpha3*r5*cos(theta3 + beta) - omega3^2*r5*sin(theta3 + beta)

Please enter the data to calculate the coupler point acceleration.

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