Crank-Slider Coupler Point Position Analysis

The motion of the coupler point is related to that of link 3. Its angle with respect to ground is that of link 3 plus a constant B.

theta5 = theta3 + beta

The vector P represents the location of the coupler point.

P = R2 + R5 = r2*exp(i*theta2) + r5*exp[i*(theta3 + beta)]

The x coordinate of P is

px = r2*cos(theta2) + r5*cos(theta3 + beta)

and the y coordinate is

py = r2*sin(theta2) + r5*sin(theta3 + beta)

Please enter the data to find the coupler point position.

Unit Type:
Link lengths (m or ft): r2: r3: r4: rp:
Angles: theta1: theta2: beta:

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