Interactive Four-Bar Linkage Dynamic Force Plotting

The interface below allows the user to plot the joint forces and the required input torque given the link lengths, theta1, the angular velocity of link 2, the external load and the inertia properties for the mechanism.

Unit Type:
Link lengths (ft or m): r1: r2: r3: r4:

Link masses (slugs or kg): m2: m3: m4:

Link moments of inertia (lbf-in-sec^2 or kg-m^2): ig2: ig3: ig4:

Position Vector for Center of Gravity

Magnitudes (ft or m): rg2: rg3: rg4:

Mode for all angles:

Departures from Link Positions: delta2: delta3: delta4:

External load (ft*lbf or N*m) on joint (1,4): tl:

Angular Velocity:

Branch Number:

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