A Special Offer for Adopting the Book "C for Engineers and Scientists", Published by McGraw-Hill, Inc., as a Textbook
C for Engieners and Scientists

This program provides a cost effective way for instructors to use Ch for teaching and student learning.

If you use Ch Professional Edition in a teaching lab and has adopted the book "C for Engineers and Scientists", published by McGraw-Hill, Inc., as the primary textbook for your class to use Ch for teaching and learning computer programming in C/C++ for problem solving, students in your class can install and use the latest Ch Student Edition for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X in their own computers at no cost. Please send info@softintegration.com the information for your class, including the course name, the estimated number of enrollment, syllabus, and web site for the class.

Note that the book also teaches students how to use other C/C++ compilers such as GNU gcc/g++ and Microsoft Visual Studio C++ compiler to compile and link C/C++ programs. Once students learned computer programming in C/C++ with a user friendly C/C++ interpreter, they can use other C/C++ compilers without any problem.

You must be an instructor or a faculty member in an accredited academic institution to be qualified for this offer.