Ch Mechanism Toolkit Demos
Example 2 -- Design a cam-follower system.

Description of the cam-follower system: Design a cam-follower system with the translating flat-face follower. The cam should have a base radius of 5.72 cm, no follower offset. During the first 90 degrees of cam rotation, the follower should move outward 1.91 cm with harmonic motion. During the next 90 degrees, the follower should move inward 1.91 cm with harmonic motion. For the remainder of the cam rotation the follower should not change position.

Output to be obtained: Generate plots with 360 points for the cam profile, transmission angle, and follower position. When the cam rotates at the angular velocity of 1 rad/s, generate plots for the follower velocity and acceleration. Also generate an animation of the cam-follower system using 12 positions.

Program using CCam class in Ch Mechanism Toolkit:

#include <cam.h> int main() { class CCam cam; class CPlot plotc, plotp, plotv, plota, plott; int steps = 360; cam.followerType(CAM_FOLLOWER_TRANS_FLAT, 0); cam.baseRadius(0.0572); cam.addSection(90, 0.0191, CAM_MOTION_HARMONIC); cam.addSection(90, -0.0191, CAM_MOTION_HARMONIC); cam.addSection(CAM_DURATION_FILL, 0, CAM_MOTION_HARMONIC); cam.angularVel(1); cam.makeCam(steps); cam.plotCamProfile(&plotc); cam.plotTransAngle(&plott); cam.plotFollowerPos(&plotp); cam.plotFollowerVel(&plotv); cam.plotFollowerAccel(&plota); cam.animation(12); return 0; }

Output from the above program: