The CCookie::getMaxAge function retrieves the maximum age of the cookie.

int getMaxAge();

Return Type

Upon successful completion, an integer which indicates the maximum age of the cookie in seconds is returned. Otherwise, a negative value is returned.




This function retrieves the maximum age of the cookie. The value of the maximum age is the lifetime of the cookie in seconds. It is a decimal non-negative integer. To handle cached cookies correctly, a client SHOULD calculate the age of the cookie according to the age calculation rules in the HTTP/1.1 specification [RFC2616]. When the age is greater than seconds of maximum age, the client SHOULD discard the cookie. A value of zero means the cookie SHOULD be discarded immediately.

The CCookie::setMaxAge function can be used to set the maximum of the cookie.

See Also

CCookie, CCookie::setMaxAge, CResponse::addCookie, CRequest::getCookies, CRequest::getCookie