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Ch LAPACK is Ch binding to C LAPACK libraries and included in Ch Professional Edition. C LAPACK is C code translated from Fortran 77 LAPACK using Fortran to C conversion utility called f2c.

LAPACK can be used to solve systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalue problems, and singular value problems. The matrix factorizations (LU, Cholesky, QR, SVD, Schur, generalized Schur) as well as related computations such as reordering of the Schur factorizations and estimating condition numbers can also be performed. Dense and banded matrices are handled. In all these areas, similar functionality is provided for both real and complex matrices, in both float and double data types.

C programs, such as shown in this example, using functions in C LAPACK can run in Ch Professsional Edition across platform without compilation.

The following documentations and links provide the detailed information about LAPACK and C LAPACK.