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Ch Standard Edition is FREEWARE.

Ch Standard Edition offers a very high-level language (VHLL) environment for general-purpose computing. An increasing number of C/C++ libraries and software packages are supported in Ch. Virtually any C programs can readily run in the Ch language environment across different platforms without lengthy compile/link/execute/debug cycles. Ch can also easily call functions in binary C/C++ libraries.

Ch for Windows not only supports all MS-DOS commands such as dir, copy, move, but also includes frequently used Unix utilities and commands such as vi, ls, awk, sed, vim with syntax highlighting for Ch, etc. Ch Standard Edition turns Windows into a mini Unix system while retaining all features of MS-DOS.

Ch is a C-compatible shell, while csh is a C-like shell. To leverage your C/C++ skills for shell programming, please check here.

Below are two sample Ch scripts. If the code runs in a Ch shell, or the file name has extension .ch in Windows, #!/bin/ch can be removed.
printf("Hello world!\n");
#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
    printf("Hello world!\n");

For 2D/3D graphical plotting, scientific numerical computing and Ch IDE, please check Ch Professional Edition.

To invoke C/C++ sripts inside your binary applications, please check Embedded Ch.

Ch Standard Edition has the following major features with over 8,000 C functions: