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Ch Standard
System Requirements
Ch Standard Edition is free for both commercial and non-commercial uses, subject to the license agreement set forth in the license. You can download it from the link below for free.

To download Ch Professional Evaluation Edition, Ch Student Edition, and other software products, please click here.

Download Ch Standard Edition 6.1

  Windows Solaris HP-UX Linux-x86 Linux-x86 64 Linux-ppc Mac OS X FreeBSD QNX
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To install Ch Standard Edition in Unix, try the following command. (Assume the file you downloaded is xxx.tar.gz).

    gzip -cd xxx.tar.gz | tar -xvof - 
    cd xxx 

To install Ch Standard Edition in Mac OS X, try the following command, if the file you downloaded is xxx.tar.gz.

    gzip -cd xxx.tar.gz | tar -xvof -
    cd xxx
    sudo ./
If your downloaded file becomes xxx.tar, use the command.
    tar -xvof xxx.tar 
    cd xxx
    sudo ./

To use ChIDE

Register to download Ch Professional Evaluation Edition and Ch Student Edition with ChIDE, an Integrated Development Environment. ChIDE allows you to edit, debug, and execute C/Ch/C++ programs, and display the output within the same graphical user interface, many local languages such as Japanese are supported.

Note: Tips for Using Ch

  • If it is the first time to run Ch, run ch -d to create a Ch startup configuration file (.chrc in Unix or _chrc in Windows) in your home directory. To get started, type help at the Ch shell prompt.

    If you don't want to use Ch in a command shell, please try ChIDE in Ch Professional or Ch Student Edition.

  • In the Ch shell, you can simply type the C/Ch file name to run your program. You may need to run chmod +x file_name.c first in Unix and Mac. If you have multiple files for a program, check click here to see how to run the program without Makefile:

  • Ch supports shell programming. Unix commands such as awk and sed can be used inside Ch scripts as in Perl, Bash, or csh. Ch built-in string type string_t and foreach-loop are especially useful for shell programming. Below is an example: string_t token, str="dir1 dir2 dir3"; foreach(token; str) { mkdir $token }
  • Ch supports POSIX functions such as opendir() and readdir() for cross platform directory and file handling.
  • A better calculator for quick calculations, easy to check if there is a typo for the input number. For example: C:/> 23+344+23.02+343 733.0200 C:/> 733.02/4 183.2550 C:/>
  • Like in Unix, a command in Windows can be executed in the background by appending "&" at the end of the command. For example, c:/> notepad &

  • To turn on debug for running CGI in Ch, add "-g" flag, the first line for your Ch CGI script file will become #!/bin/ch -g
  • Ch demos contain code for C90, C99, C++ and other features. Click here for more.
  • Numerical computing and 2D/3D graphical plotting functions are available in Ch Professional Editions.

  • Web-based graphical plotting, numerical analysis, and mechanism design and analysis, and control system design and analysis can be found here

  • There are two ways to build functions used by Ch.

    1. To build functions used in Ch shell, you can put your function files in a directory and set your _fpath to include this directory. You can check sample ~/.chrc file which can get by running ch -d
    2. To call your functions in static/dynamic libraries, check our Ch SDK

  • To access Ch file functions or variables from Ch shell command line, please visit

  • To embed Ch into your applications as a script engine, check our Embedded Ch

  • We provide cross platform SoftIntegation C++ graphical library (SIGL). It can be compiled by your desired compiler. These graphical library functions have the same APIs in Ch Professional Edition. They also can run in Ch Professional Edition without compilation.

  • For Math Statistics, please check our Ch NAG Statistics package.

  • If you are an experienced C/C++ user, you may only need to read Appendices B and C in Ch User's Guide with comparison to C and C++, plus Chapters 23 and 24 for 2D/3D plotting and numerical analysis available in Ch Professional Edition. Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be useful to getting started to use Unix shell.

  • Ch SDK can be used to interface any binary C/C++ static or dynamical library without recompilation. Ch SDK has been used to interface Window API, X11/Motif, ODBC, OpenGL, etc. Ch SDK is bundled and distributed with Ch Standard or Ch Professional Edition. You can find more about Ch SDK at

    Once Ch is installed in your machine at CHHOME such as /usr/local/ch in Unix and C:\Ch in Window, you can find documentation and sample code at

    CHHOME/ch/docs/chsdk.pdf CHHOME/toolkit/demos/SDK
  • You can post your questions about using C/Ch/C++ in a moderated Yahoo Ch User Group at
    Click here to join Yahoo Ch User Group