Major features comparison among Ch®, MATLAB® and Mathematica®

Major Features Ch MATLAB Mathematica
Interpretive execution of programs X X X
Interactive computing in command modeX X X
Array as first-class object X X X
Variable length arrays X X X
Adjustable array bounds X X X
Elementary mathematical functions X X X
Matrix operations and functions X X X
Array operations and functions X X X
Advanced numerical analysis functions X X X
2D/3D plotting X X X
2D/3D graphics X X X
Animation X X X
Graphical user interface (GUI) X X X
IEEE floating-point arithmetic X X X
Complex numbers X X X
Real Infinity X X  
Real Not-a-Number X X  
Complex Infinity X   X
Complex Not-a-Number X   X
C LAPACK for linear alegbra X  
Classes X X  
Recursive functions X X X
Nested functions X   X
Symbolic computing   X
Extended precision   X
Wide characters X  X
String type for handling text X X
Shell programming X  X
Portable command shell X   
Typed language X  
Embeddable in other applications X   
Calling exising C/C++ code X XX
Calling Java XXX
Safe mode for secure computing X   
Safe applets for internet computing X   
CGI for Web development X  
Direct support of industry standards
C90 X   
All numerical features in C99 X    
Classes in C++ X   
TCP/IP Socket/Winsock X   
Win32 APIs X  
X/Motif X  
OpenGL X   
GTK+ X   

Ch® is a registered trademark of SoftIntegration, Inc. Mathematica® is a registered trademark of Wolfram Research, Inc. MATLAB® is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc. Motif® is a registered trademark of the Open Group. OpenGL® is a registered trademark of SGI.