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IntelliWave Powered by Embedded Ch

IntelliWave from Engineering Synthesis Design, Inc. (ESDI) is widely considered to be the #1 independent interferometer analysis software on the market. It is used in a variety of industries, including small companies, large corporations such as Kodak and DuPont, as well as major research labs including NASA and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

"Our mission is to provide our customers with the best interferometric solutions. Scripting allows our customers to create their own solutions and customizations, based on the core functionality of the system. Embedded Ch is an excellent scripting engine in C/C++. It adds many new scripting features and functions to IntelliWave including advanced automation, data processing, and systems integration with other programs. It extends our customer's ability to conveniently automate IntelliWave for a variety of tasks in different industries."

Raymond Castonguay, ESDI President and CTO

ESDI's Intellium metrology hardware products are crafted around the company' flagship IntelliWave interferometric software platform and represent the widest range of wavefront measurement products available from a single company.

The criteria for ESDI's selection of a scripting technology included cost, reliability, easy integration and use. Raymond Castonguay, ESDI President and CTO, said "we believe we will significantly reduce the development, maintenance, and training cost when our developers and users use the same language for our interferometric analysis software,"

Below is a sample application of ESDI IntelliWave.

Example of ESDI IntelliWave powered by Embedded Ch