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Skyworks Solutions' Automatic Test Equipment Environment with Embedded Ch

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is a leader in high performance analog and mixed signal semiconductors enabling mobile connectivity. The company's power amplifiers, front-end modules and direct conversion transceivers are at the heart of many of today's leading-edge multimedia handsets. Skyworks also offers a diverse portfolio of products that support automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, industrial and medical applications.

"Embedded Ch enabled us to develop an extremely flexible Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) environment called GUTS. GUTS is used to control test instruments, data collection, text processing, etc. Embedded Ch saves us a great deal of time and effort in both development and deployment of GUTS. The standard ANSI C/C++ support allows our users readily to use GUTS without training. The performance of the embedded C/C++ interpreter far exceeded our expectations. The technical support from SoftIntegration was exceptional and sets a new standard for other developers to achieve. We are extremely pleased with our selection of Embedded Ch as a scripting engine for our ATE environment."

Michael David, Manager, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

To automate the testing of its large portfolio of different products for different industries, Skyworks Solutions developed an automatic test equipment environment called GUTS (Generic Unified Testing Software). For example, it can be used to test various power amplifiers by controlling all different kinds of instruments. GUTS basically consists of two part, a GUI frond end and a backend C++ Engine which includes many instrument drivers. Embedded Ch is used throughout the entire GUTS application, including instrument control, data collection, test execution, etc.

Lake Wang, Senior Software Engineer in Skyworks Solutions, pointed out that "To use GUTS, our test engineers write test plans --- C++ style Ch scripts that controls instruments. A typical test plan in a Ch script consists of functions Init(), Start(), Measure(), End(), and Closing(). These functions in the Ch script space are called through an Embedded Ch API Ch_CallFuncByName() in the binary space. When a test script is processed by the Embedded Ch, it internally callbacks to the backend Engine again through the interface mechanism of a script with binary functions, thus communicating with all instrument drivers. The simplicity and power of the C++ callback mechanism in Embedded Ch is unmatched and cannot be substituted by any other commercial parser."

Below is a snap shot of a C++ script running in GUTS through Embedded Ch.

Skyworks Soltions GUTS' GUTS running with Embedded Ch

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