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Ch K8055 Package for Velleman USB Experiment Interface Board K8055
Download the Ch K8055 Package

Ch K8055 Open Source Package is a Ch binding to the K8055 dynamical C library for Velleman USB experiment interface board K8055. Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interperter for scripting, shell programming, numerical computing, 2D/3D plotting and embedded scripting.
"Ch K8055 package makes it extremely easy for my high school students to write C++ programs to interface with a Velleman K8055 USB interface board to control a converted electric wheelchair robot they are building. Ch is the simplest solution for my students to learn C/C++ programming for hardware interface using a USB board. It works great!"

--- Mark Mincieli, technology teacher at Mattituck Jr/Sr High School

With the Ch K8055 package, all C (or C++) programs using functions from the K8055 C library can readily run in Ch interpretively without compilation. It is a very simple solution for interface with hardware using a USB board for data acquisition.

To use this package, it only requires Microsoft Windows, Ch Standard or Professional Edition, and a Velleman USB interface board K8055 as described in the Readme.txt file distributed along with the package.

Three sample programs are distributed along with Ch K8055 Package. These sample programs can readily run in Ch or be compiled using VC++.

Example 1

A sample program available at C:/Ch/package/chk8055d_c/demos/version.cpp after installation of the Ch K8055 Package is shown below running from ChIDE. This sample program version.cpp can be executed in Ch without a Velleman K8055 board.

Ch K8055

The output from the execution of the above program version.cpp is shown below.

K8055d_c.dll version

Example 2

The program output.cpp below available at C:/Ch/package/chk8055d_c/demos/output.cpp can interface with a K8055 USB board. It shows how to write digital and analog outputs to a K8055 USB board.

Ch K8055

Example 3

The program C:/Ch/package/chk8055d_c/demos/K8055_Demo.cpp will give a graphical user interface to a K8055 USB board as shown below.

Ch K8055 GUI