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System Requirements

ChExcel is FREEWARE. Download ChExcel 1.2 (size: 31 MB)
(For MS Excel 2010, you need to add CHExcel.xla file as an add-in mannually due to security restrictions)

ChExcel is a Microsoft Excel add-in. It embeds Ch (a C/C++ Interpreter) into Excel using Embedded Ch. ChExcel allows users to do C scripting, plotting and numerical computing from Excel worksheets and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

With ChExcel, Excel speadsheets can be manipulated through C/C++ scripts. The data can be easily exchanged between Ch and Excel. The architecture of how ChExcel embedding Ch into Excel is illustrated in the figure below.

The architecture of embedding Ch into Microsoft Excel in ChExcel.

Excel is a user interface to Ch, allowing the user to utilize Ch statements, functions, programs, toolkits, and packages from Excel spreadsheets and VBA. The communication between Excel and Ch is controlled by a few simple ChExcel functions, keeping the interface simple and easy to use. The Excel spreadsheet below is an example of interface between Excel and Ch using ChExcel functions. The Excel spreadsheet dialogbox.xls is manipulated by a script This is one of examples included in the distribution of ChExcel.