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System Requirements
Ch ODBC toolkit is Ch binding to ODBC. ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is widely used application programming interface (C API) for database independent programming.

Ch ODBC toolkit conforms to the industrial standard ODBC interface. ODBC programs can run across different platforms in Ch interpretively without tedious compile/link/execute/debug cycles.

Ch ODBC 3.7.0 binary supports Microsoft ODBC 3.5 in Windows. Also, we provide source code for Ch iODBC 4.0.0 binding in unix for iODBC and Ch unixODBC 4.02 binding for unixODBC.

Ch ODBC works with Microsoft MSSQL, EnterpriseDB Database Server, MySQL Connector/ODBC drivers, and PostgreSQL psqlODBC drivers.

Ch SQLite can be used to access self-contained zero-configuration SQL database files.

Download Ch ODBC

Ch ODBC Windows Unix/Mac OS X/QNX
Microsoft ODBC Binary ODBC  
iODBC   Ch ODBC package source code for iODBC
unixODBC   Ch ODBC package source code for unixODBC