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Numerical analysis can be performed by clicking on the links below.

Data Analysis and Statistics
corrcoef()Correlation coefficient
correlation2()Two-dimensional Correlation
cumprod()Cumulative product calculation
cumsum()Cumulative sum calculation
mean(), cmean()Mean value calculation
median()Median value calculation
product(), cproduct()Product of all elements
sort()Sorting elements
sum(), csum()Sum of all elements
std()Standard deviation

Data Interpolation and Curve Fitting
curvefit()Fit a set of data points to a combination of specified functions
interp1()One-dimensional interpolation
interp2()Two-dimensional interpolation
polyfit()Fit a set of data points to a polynomial function

Minimization or Maximization of Functions
fminimum(), fminimums()Find the minimum value of a function

charpolycoef() Characteristic polynomial of a matrix
companionmatrix()Companion matrix
polycoef()Find polynomial coefficients based on its roots
polyder(), polyder2()Polynomial derivative or derivative of product or quotient of two polynomials
polyeval(), cpolyeval(), polyevalarray()Polynomial and its Derivative Evaluation
polyevalm()Matrix polynomial function evaluation
polyfit()Fit a set of data points to a polynomial function
roots()Roots of a polynomial

Nonlinear Equations
fsolve()Find zeros of a nonlinear system of equations
fzero()Find a zero position of a nonlinear function

Ordinary Differential Equations
odesolve()Ordinary Differential Equations

Derivatives and Differences
derivative(), derivatives()Derivative
difference()Differences of adjacent elements of vector

integral2()2D Integration
integration2()2D Integration
integral3()3D Integration
integration3()3D Integration

Matrix Analysis Functions
expm()Matrix exponential
cfunm(), funm()Matrix function evaluation
logm()Matrix natural logarithm
polyevalm()Matrix polynomial function evaluation
sqrtm()Matrix square root

Matrix Decomposition
choldecomp()Cholesky Decomposition
hessdecomp()Hessenberg Decomposition
ludecomp()LU factorization
qrdecomp()Orthogonal-triangular QR Decomposition
schurdecomp()Schur decomposition
svd()Singular value decomposition

Matrix Functions
companionmatrix()Companion matrix
condnum()Condition number of a matrix
cdeterminant(), determinant()Determinant of a matrix
cdiagonal(), diagonal()Get a vector with diagonals of a matrix
cdiagonalmatrix(),diagonalmatrix()Create a diagonal matrix
fliplr()Flip matrix in left/right direction
flipud()Flip matrix in up/down direction
identitymatrix()Identity matrix
inverse(), cinverse()Inverse of a square matrix
norm()Norm of a vector or matrix
nullspace()Null space of a matrix
orthonormalbase()Orthonormal bases of a matrix
inverse(), cinverse()Inverse of a square matrix
pinverse()Pseudoinverse a matrix
companionmatrix()Companion matrix
rank()Rank of a matrix
rcondnum()Reciprocal condition number of a matrix
rot90()Rotate matrix 90 degrees
trace(), ctrace()Sum of diagonal elements of a matrix
triangularmatrix(), ctriangularmatrix()Triangular matrix

Special Matrices
specialmatrix()Special matrix

Linear Equations
inverse(), cinverse()Inverse of a square matrix
pinverse()Pseudoinverse a matrix
linsolve()Solve the linear equations by LU factorization
llsqcovsolve()Solve the linear equations by linear squares with known covariance
llsqnonnegsolve()Solve the linear equations with non-negative values by linear squares method
llsqsolve()Linear Least square solution for linear equations

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
eigensystem()Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Fast Fourier Transforms
fft()Fast Fourier Transform
ifft()Inverse Fast Fourier Transform

Convolution and Filtering
conv2()Two-dimensional convolution
filter2()Two-dimensional Filter

Cross Correlation
xcorr()Cross correlation

Special Mathematical Functions
cross()Cross product
dot()Dot product
gcd()Greatest common divisor
lcm()Least common multiple

Complex Functions
complexsolve()Solve a complex equation
residue()Residue and factorization

Array Functions
fevalarray(), cfevalarray()Function evaluation