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    From High School Teachers and Students

    "I used your products to learn more about C and C++. Out of the 15 products that I tried, yours proves to be the best and unbelievably easiest to use."
    -- Nick LaVeglia, a high school student.

    "Although I have been teaching computer science at the high school level for 30 years, I am constantly searching for the perfect programming language for my students. In Ch, I have found the optimum programming language in terms of pedagogy, power, and ease of use. Ch is an interpreted version of C/C++ which makes it immediately useful as a mainstream language for student learning. Do you want power? All of the major libraries are included. Additional libraries can be added using Ch SDK. As I tell my students, Ch is like a famous spaghetti sauce... do you need a certain library? It's in there! Also, Ch comes with ChIDE, a remarkably easy and useful Integrated Development Environment for C/Ch/C++. The inclusion of ChIDE really makes programming easy for beginning programmers. Oh... I don't want to forget the interactive command line interpreter! It really is Matlab-esque in its functionality. Finally, do you want the speed of a compiler? No problem. You can use gcc or g++ and compile your finished product! Ch is a clear pedagogical winner for me and my students!"
    -- Dr. Stan Blank,Wayne City High School, Wayne City, Illinois

    "I am teaching design and analysis of algorithms to a class of high-school students. Those students prepare for programming competitions. The younger among students are still learning the C/C++ language and would benefit from an environment where experimenting with the language is easier. This is where the Ch interpreter could help. That Ch comes with a number of Linux-like utilities is another benefit I see. "
    -- Boyko Bantchev, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics

    "Ch K8055 package makes it extremely easy for my high school students to write C++ programs to interface with a Velleman K8055 USB interface board to control a converted electric wheelchair robot they are building. Ch is the simplest solution for my students to learn C/C++ programming for hardware interface using a USB board. It works great!"
    --- Mark Mincieli, technology teacher at Mattituck Jr/Sr High School

    "I am a teacher at a high school of seventy-four students. Our resources are limited so purchasing Borland's C++ is beyond our means. Thanks to your software I am able to provide our students with the experience of programming in C++; I am more than pleased with your software. Ten - twelve years ago I was employed at DeVry University in Kansas City, MO and developed the first Programming in C++ offered at that campus; at that time we used Borland's C++ package. After two weeks of using it, I find your software does an excellent job with presenting the concepts of C++. I feel that my students are getting a quality experience in programming in C++ and will be able to use this knowledge in college C++ programming courses. I would appreciate the recommendation for a text book that favorably supports your software. The topics provided in your Help page are very useful, and I like to also have a book for reference. In closing, I was pleasantly surprised with your software and couldn't be more pleased with its quality. When I began my internet search for shareware for C++, I wasn't prepared to find a product that is working out as well as yours is. Thank you very much."
    -- Bill Garnett, a teacher at Jess Schwartz Jewish Community High School

    "I am a learner, getting re-acquainted with C programming, and learning C++. I needed a simple-to-use solution that would allow me to type and go without having to do complex builds and create projects just to see if my little "Hello World" would run. I tried and was overwhelmed by the popular packages (think Microsoft), but yours is perfect.
    A real strength of your software is that it can be used immediately by total beginners. Other solutions require that students understand what builds and linked libraries and such are before they can even think of writing "Hello World". Your software allows the student to begin at the beginning, and then learn about these things. But there's more. Even to my unschooled eye I can see that your software is a tool that will support sophisticated programming, and supports RAD/Agile/Extreme programming, all the hot buzzwords. It's something the student can continue to use well after they transition from student to professional.
    Thank you for your product."
    -- Shannon Dillman

    " I use Ch for writing programs (scripts). I'm studying on the Uniwersity in Gdansk and now we have to write scripts in Ch. It is a very useful "program" (I mean Ch of course:-) It makes programing (especially programing connected with maths) much easier."
    -- Michal Miotk

    "I am a teacher for the Saint Joseph School system. I use Ch to teach a AP course, and I use it to do research on high temperature superconductivity. It makes learning C from scratch easier, and it makes research program development faster."
    -- Jeff Parish, Teacher

    "First of all I must say I was pleased with the program. I am mainly using the program as both a teaching and learning experience. I am teaching others how to use C++ and basic and other programming languages. Second, for the most part it resolves my problems."
    -- Richard Mchaley, Computer Teacher

    "I just needed a simple C compiler and Ch is simple enough to make the learning process easier."
    -- Syta Saephan, Student

    "I used Ch to run a C source code for my son's college project. Your Ch aplication worked very well in order to solve the problem I had. I removed any C compilers in my computer since then."
    -- Argenis Ascanio, Caracas, Venezuela

    "I am studying Computer Science, and I do write a lot of C and C++ programs. The most of available IDE to write programs are very heavy, and simply do not follow the end user. The most annoying problem of IDE's like MSVS, NetBeans or Eclipse are heavy, made user to make new project for every solution, and are putting lot of garbage to hard drive. Some solutions like notepad (notepad++, notepad2) + compiler are very cumbersome, and also contains some fancy, but never used options.
    With ChIDE I have everything I do really need, nice, good working compiler, awesome notepad with tabs and indentation, plotting device (far better than gnuplot or other stuff). It provides the best IDE ever. C shell which is far beyond compare with csh. Also Unix commands on windows, that gives real power. "
    -- Visajo Capashen

    From College/Universitiy Instructors, Professors, Students, Learners

    "Ch is an excellent environment for research and teaching. I use it for research and teaching on mechatronics and control. To me the main advantage of an interpreter is portability. Ch allows C programs to be executed portably across different platforms. In addition, a major advantage of Ch is its user-friendly mathematical and graphical infrastructure. Getting that in C, C++ or Java requires assembling a large collection of libraries from a variety of sources, each with its own quirks. I am very impressed with the salient graphical plotting capabilities in Ch. They are easy to use and very useful for applications in engineering and science."
    -- Professor David Auslander, University of California at Berkeley

    "Ch is very much appreciated by beginners and teachers alike. For the first time in my career, I was able to introduce pointers to complete beginners without it seeming unnatural."
    -- Professor Jym Feat, Paris8 University, France

    "I am a professor at the University of Tennessee and teach a freshman-level class in data structures that uses C as the base language. I use the Ch interpreter to interactively demonstrate C statements and C code snippets. Ch is wonderful and exactly what I was looking for."
    -- Brad Vander Zanden, Professor, University of Tennessee

    "One of the main obstacles to learning a computer language is learning the things not germane to learning the language. Ch is as close to a perfect teaching environment as I have seen in 20 years for teaching C or C++. I advocate Ch to all of my CS students. If I were in charge of the world, I would require all schools to use an interactive environment such as Ch."
    --- Professor Gene Sheppard, Computer Science, Georgia Perimeter College

    "I thought I'd let you know that I have adopted Ch for use in teaching Introductory C at the College of Southern Nevada.
    It's a wonderful product. The more I work with Ch, the more thrilled I am to have it as a teaching tool!
    I do have copy of "C for Engineers and Scientists". It has a prominent spot in my bookshelf, and I've referred to it several times for guidance with Ch, as well as for gathering ideas for ways to better introduce topics to my students. Harry has a very clear and succinct writing style that I enjoy."
    -- Kevin G. Mess, Adjunct Faculty, College of Southern Nevada

    "I use your software to learn the language and develop little command line programs. Your software is very good: I've uninstalled all the other because this is the top."
    -- Alessandro Colleoni

    "Generally, textbooks on topics such as C programming are evolutionary, not revolutionary. In contrast, Harry Cheng's entry is an innovative textbook and programming environment that defines a new interactive paradigm for learning and using C and C++ that's particularly well suited for scientists and engineers.

    In my January 2010 programming course, the students were almost equally split between Mac and PC users. Cheng's software and textbook package let us all focus on developing programs, without concerns about merging computer tools --- that is, compilers and plotting and analysis packages --- on multiple platforms. ...

    The bottom line for a post-use review is one question: Would I use the text again? In the case of C for Engineers and Scientists. An Interpretive Approach, the answer is yes.

    Students agreed with this assessment; in their post-use survey, when asked whether the book should be used in future course offerings, all students answered "yes."

    After using this textbook and the Ch interpreter, I have a new respect for the role of interpreters as an alternative to traditional compilers for introducing computer programming."
    --- Excerpts from the book review by Professor -- Thomas M. Huber, "An Introduction to C and Ch: Your One-Stop Shop for Scientific Computing", IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering. Vol. 12, No. 4, July/August 2010.

    "As an instructor I have been demonstrating things step by step. I am overall very satisfied with Ch. Teaching has been very interactive and the students find it easy to work with."
    -- Christopher Cowan, Portland State University

    "I think that Ch is the best tool so far I have used. I used to fear C/C++ until I came across the Ch interpreter. Ch is good as far as its stated job is concerned. I like its documentation and its look. It helps me solve a lot of compile time and run time errors as I learn the C programming language. The only suggestion I can make is that it has to be publicized more and more on Google groups. I only wish that Ch would grow in popularity as PHP or any other scripting environments out there. "
    -- Ishe Chinyoka, a Student from University of Zimbabwe

    "We have plans to use Ch to teach basics of C/C++ programming to students who are not quite ready for our first C++ class. The interactive nature is a a big plus. A person can easily type in expressions and figure out how C evaluates expressions. Overall the normal shell or the professional IDE would make a good platform for this class. I am suggesting that the teacher of the class (not me) purchase the professional version and that we get lab copies for 1 or 2 labs."
    -- Ray Seyfarth

    "We are using Ch for teaching computer science and scientific computing. We are very pleased to have such a scientific computing environment with C as programming language. It is as powerful as Matlab."
    -- Francois Auger, Professor, the Instrumentation and Measurement Department of the Technology Institute of the University of Nantes, France.

    "We use Ch for the classes 'Introduction to Computer Concepts' and 'General Applications Programming' to introduce the concept of interpreted/scripting languages and do a brief overview of shell commands. These are classes for non-computer science majors. Ch is ideal for our purposes; the conventional way (remoting to Linux servers) seems to be less effective for non computer science major students. Ch works great! Thank you very much."
    --Yuliya Kopylova, University of South Carolina

    " I wanted to compliment you on a fine product.
    My C programing students were having difficulty with the C/C++ compiler that came with the textbook, so I searched the Internet for a free C compiler that was easy to use. Came across your Ch Student Version, downloaded it, installed it, and tried it out. It was great just what the students needed. The ease of use , easy to read split screen, and debugging as the code is interpreted was just what the Beginning C Programming students needed to gain confidence and be productive early in the class.
    Many of the students have downloaded and used the Ch Student Version and they are very pleased with it. "
    -- Randy Harwood -- Professor, Computing and Engineering Technology Dept, College of Southern Nevada

    "I have used the Ch Professional Edition, CGI Toolkit, NAG Statistics Package, and ODBC Package for research purposes. I personally think that Ch is a very useful software package and each university has to start teaching it as a class, in extension to programming and scientific/engineering courses. It gives you the power of C/C++ (low level and object oriented programming), the flexibility to plot graphs, create web pages but also access to the NAG Statistics Package."
    -- G. Britzolakis, George Mason University

    "I used Ch to solve some job assessments for a C language test at home. I searched on the internet for a C interpreter and I found on a forum that the best choice would be Ch. I have extensive knowledge of Matlab/Simulink and I always wondered why there is not such a product in C language until I found that your product has all the capabilities I was interested in and more, and even at a cheap price.
    Being a beginner in C programming it was very useful and I was very pleased to find your product Ch of excellent quality. Also, I found your site very well documented with very helpful examples."
    -- Andrei Popov

    " I am using your products for teaching machine design with mechanisms. My students have liked them. Your products are very useful, since they enable direct computation and visualisation of how mechanisms work."
    -- Abdullatif Al kaml

    "I was planning to use Ch (within the ChSciTE IDE) to develop an application that demonstrates the formation of the solid state from a random molecular soup. I have been using C for some time to develop a number of algorithms for realtime teching of solid state physics/chemistry, but the lack of good graphics primitives in combination with the inherent weaknesses of C led me to explore Ch. The graphics and the high level scientific programming structure within Ch makes the implementation of the teaching methods a breeze. I really like the graphics in particular.
    Framing the initial problem using Ch in ChSite was straight forward. The combination is a delightfull scientific model development platform. The method can be tested line by line with detailed graphical output if required.
    For me, the best addition to Ch (with my limited experience) would be some type of export to compile/link for computationally intensive subroutines that could then be linked back in during execution. "
    -- Professor Simon Bates, Purdue University

    "Ch is a great programming tool! Although I was a Fortran programmer and I had no previous experience of C++, I adapted myself very quickly.

    The toolkits available allow the user to start without the burden of installing and linking libraries. The built-in linear algebra and numerical procedures are very useful.

    I had the opportunity to test the Ch Mechanism Toolkit. Ch and this toolkit provide the user with an outstanding programming environment to develop his own kinematic analysis or synthesis algorithms. The post processing and animation of the mechanisms are very easy thank also to the ready-to-use graphical primitives.

    I strongly recommend Ch and this toolkit for all the people working in the mechanism field. "

    -- Professor Ettore Pennestri, Universita Roma Tor Vergata - Italy

    "I am interested in Ch as an alternative to Matlab, which I use for many things, including classroom examples and homework problems for control theory courses I teach, and also my research, which involves modeling and control of fluids.
    Ch's features are almost as nice as Matlab's, its installation is *much* simpler than Matlab's, and the price couldn't be better!   I like the structure of Ch much better as a programming language. Matlab is not a suitable language for a course in programming though I feel students should know it. Ch is a very nice choice for a first programming course for engineers. Overall I'm very impressed with Ch!"
    -- Professor Clancy Rowley, Princeton University

    " I was very pleased, when I read your manuals, that a truly great numerical library is being a part of Ch. It did help me with the problems I've recently come into! As I work for an astronomical institute, specializing in stellar physics, I'd like to use this powerful tool to improve our data gathering."
    -- PhD Lubomir Hambalek, Comenius University

    " I have a course in the spring in C programming at the university.
    Normally we use Linux+gcc+... AND(!) XP+blodshed because some students prefer Linux or XP.
    But this gives problems because there have to fight with a new language at the same time as fighting with gcc, make, blodshed etc etc.
    I have used splint for "validating" C sources but still they need to learn all the facilities in a swiss knife at one time ... not easy.
    Ch (or other C interpreters) effectly narrows the problem sphere into C and nothing else. They do also take "to short arrays" etc etc :-) "
    -- Prof. Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen, Aalborg University, Denmark

    "I have always believed that at the level you are operating (University-level teaching and research, computer science and mathematical sciences that benefit from computer modelling) the optimal tool would be a good compiler/interpreter plus diagnostics plus mathematical graphics. So few products offer this seamlessly - maybe yours is the killer app in this field!"
    -- Professor Robert Harding, University of Cambridge

    "I am engaged in a simulation program development and one of the tests that we run was on closed kinematical chains. Your Ch Mechanism software and documnts are useful to compare results for fourbar mechanisms generated by my simulations"
    -- Profesor Damic Vjekoslav, University of Dubrovnik

    "I am a PhD student at MIT and my favorite programming language has always been the C programming language. In my research I frequently need to generate data and plot graphs. I used to generate data in C programs, write them to text files and read them in other software packages for plotting the graphs. The graphing capability in Ch is extremely useful such that I am now able to directly plot from within the C code as soon as I generate the data. And as for the embedded interpreter, I wish I knew about it 3 years ago when I was working for a company. A C interpreter (that could be embedded and that provides scripting capability to any software) is a dream comes true for a long-time C programmer like myself."
    --- Selim Temizer, Ph.D. Student, Dept. of EE and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    "I use Ch for training students of our university, the main reason I try it is Ch's simplisity for beginners. Students of our chair are mechanical engeneers ( not programmers) so, they need only basical programming skills, and yours product is the best for it. Ch helps me resolve my problems."
    -- Andrey Smorodov, Saint-Petersburg State Polyechnical University

    "I appreciate ch and SoftIntegration. I have used ch as a unix shell in the past. Right now I use it in the Linux classes that I teach as an alternative to the standard shells. I also use it for myself to brush up on my C/C++ basics or to knock off a quick prototype for my personal use.

    Keep up the great work, guys. I believe that this is a fine product."
    -- Robert Ritter , Technical Instructor company: Centriq Training

    "I use the Ch interpreter to check C syntax and mathematical formulae. I'm learning C, and I find it helpful for checking if the things that I'm trying make sense in the C language.
    I have found, and I continue to find it a valuable learning tool which is helping me to understand C concepts faster than I would otherwise."
    -- Steve Keate, Technical Manager, Sea Integration

    "I was looking a software that allowed me to draw root locus and matlab was the perfect option initially. However, matlab is not free and I got tired of getting an evaluation version of the software. Later, I found the Ch language and the demos you have in your website. It was super-easy to draw all the root locus I needed and more. So I basically use it in my home for completing my reports with some nice graphics. So I think it a so powerful tool and so easy (and free for students ) that is almost perfect. Also having the possibility of using a Mac version is great.Thank you. "
    -- Josue Sanchez

    "I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University. I work on growth and coarsening of precipitates in materials. I use the Ch Professional software for solving some linear and ordinary differential equations in my computer programs and it has been a great help with solving my mathematical equations."
    -- Susan Farjami

    "I must express my keen appreciation for your sofeware--Ch, it's so convenient, concise and of great help in my learning C/C++. It suits someone who starts to learn C/C++ programming."
    -- Wenjuan Lv, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    "I use Ch to do some data processing work. It's very good, better than C and similar to Matlab."
    -- Qiang Shen, from Umass Medical School

    " I settled on your product after a long search. I use your product because it is the most stable interpreter I have come across for C and C++. I never expected such a stable and complete interpreter for C and C++ to exist. It is so convenient to learn a language in an interpreter! I use it to quick-test small modules in C and C++. Moreover you provide so many UNIX tools bundled that one can virtually be ready for an actual UNIX environment. I want to promote it in my college.
    I had downloaded your free edition two years back and found it useful. At that time I was looking for a C++ interpreter. I found yours very stable and standard compliant. I have tried at least five other compiler/interpreters. and yours is undoubtedly the best.
    I was working from the command line till now. This time I have downloaded the IDE also- it is very helpful. I will suggest using this tool to all of my friends to learn C, C++ and scripting. "
    Jyoti Sharma -- A 3rd year student in Computer Science and Engineering in Vellore Institute of Technology.

    "I were looking for a tool to substitute Matlab which is far too slow. As I have to make algorithms in C language, Ch is a good choice. It is easy to use. I basically use it for plotting and all the math functions."
    -- Radim Zemek

    "I have been using Ch to learn C. Ch is an absolutely wonderful environment for learning C and the students that have been curious about programming have found it awesome."
    -- Sam Whitaker, Instructor in Business & Economics, National College Cincinnati, OH & Florence, KY

    "I use Ch Professional to do some plotting of graphs for my labs and stuff. It is really great at plotting. It makes it a charm to plot in C."
    -- DengMin Lee, Nanyang Technological University

    I downloaded Ch when I've been looking for some C-compiler for my son. He is a student of Computer Science and Informatics on The Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade. He, for now, uses it for learning C and is very satisfied with Ch, so only use MS Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition when he wants .exe or need debug mode. I use Ch for revising my previous knowledge of the language C and as a fun interactive tool - at least as a calculator, & ... for looking for a tool for some small web-apps. No more to add compliments to Ch then I see from other users opinions. Really good idea, interactive, professional made, modular... and so on.
    -- Maksim Mitrovic

    "I installed Ch Professional Edition, version 2.1, for Windows on my desktop. Every one of my legacy C/C++ programs worked gracefully on the PC without the fuss of tweaking codes and without going through the tedious edit-compile-link-debug cycle."
    --- Professor Gary Wang in IEEE Spectrum , University of Manitoba

    "It does meet my expectations as what I need for my junior students is an environment that is somewhat insulated for really bad programming that can crash a less forgiving op sys. Please keep up the good work."
    -- Bruce Harvey, Instructor

    "I am a student in Istanbul Technical University, Electronics and Communication Engineering. I use Ch Standard Edition for my homework. And also to improve my C skills. You have designed a superb program that helps to do my homework and to improve my skills. Thanks for all."
    -- Sinan Ilkiz

    "I've tried to use the Ch OpenGL. It's really great! It's wonderful that graphics with OpenGL can now be handled on our PC in such an easy way. Thanks a lot to Softintegration for providing such a powful and easy to use programming environment!"
    -- Yi Zhang, a PhD student

    "I use Ch primarly for teaching undergraduate and graduates classes. Personally, I find it an excelent tool for problems in robotics and control."
    -- Hans-Jorg Schneebeli, Professor

    "Numerical solutions are easier in Ch than in conventional C/C++. Ability to test code on the command line is easier for the novice to learn C/C++. Planning to use Ch in teaching graduate students of structural engineering aspects of numerical computations and structural analysis and design. Ability to plot graphs is extremely useful."
    -- Dr. Satish Annigeri, Professor, B.V.B. College of Engineering & Technology

    "I was looking for an engineering friendly programming language. Ch comes with the necessary built in functions for data analysis making it a better option than C alone. The numerical capabilities of the Ch program (using built in functions) far exceeds my expectations. The comparison with matlab functions and FORTRAN programs in the reference guide was extremely helpful. I also like the ability to implement system level commands easily within a program."
    -- Tom Eason, Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

    "I am a third year computer science and physics student. I find that I need to do quite a lot of calculations especially in Physics. Using a calculator to repeat calculations is too tedious and a waste of time. Ch is the answer for me to quickly solve a problem and repeat the calculation. Also, using Ch to test a piece of code is much easier."
    -- Johan Botha, UNISA Student.

    "I am quite satisfied that Ch is a better platform for introductory C programming (as compared to the ancient TurboC++ compiler that is so popular here in India). Moreover, when compared to other interpreters, I prefer Ch. I go to the extent of extolling the features of the Ch interpreter in teacher-training classes or educational seminars. Ch is used on a voluntary basis in my college, by a small minority of students and teachers. It is a prudent suggestion that in next year's introductory classes, we use Ch instead of the usual. Hope to keep in touch."
    -- Jayant Kirtane, Hyderabad, India

    "I downloaded Ch because I am trying to teach myself C. This means that whenever I write even the smallest piece of code I make loads of errors and I really don't want to be continually re-compiling. It also gives me the greatest freedom to make quick alterations and to see what effect they have on how the program performs. For this purpose, Ch has been very useful, thank you. "
    -- Tom Hedge

    "Our lecturer recommends us to learn and study Ch. My first impression - 'Oh my God - this is ANSI C interpreter'. But now, I know this is more than an interpreter. You have done great work! This language is amazing!"
    -- Marek Winiewski, computer science student at Univeristy of Gdask, Poland

    "I am a teacher at a university and is planing to use your software to teach students programming. Because other tool like DEV C++ are too complicated to novice, I found your tool is a right fit for the needs: I wish students focus on programming and problem solving themselves, instead of distraction by tools or languages.".
    -- Professor BC Jeng, Department of Information Management, National Sun Yat-sen University

    "I'm an academic, so the models I need are often not contained in prepackaged software, but I don't like to use much time on compiling, linking, etc. I've just used your product to write mean-variance code using the matrix capabilities, but so far I'd have to say Ch is great."
    -- Ray Hagtvedt, University of Georgia

    "I use Ch as an aid in the programming course I am taking. I am learning C, and it enables to compile and test my programs before I finalize them for my assignments. Ch is perfect for what I need to do. It is easy to use, and very clear in describing any errors in the program code I have written. It's a great resource.
    -- David Ledderhof, a student at University of Guelph.

    "As a C debugger and learning tool -- being able to execute C snippets as scripts is a much better debugging method than breakpoints (at least for what I do). Plus if I run across a function I'm not familiar with I can just try it without the whole write/compile/link/run tedium. I especially love that I have access to the C interpreter, the WSH, and the Win32API. This way I can use regular C, VBScript, JScript, or MFC C++ seamlessly as the situation requires.
    In summary: cool shell, very stable and reliable so far. Glad to see C holding the line against the barbaric Basic and Java incursions."
    -- Weldon Goree, Sr. Network Administratorar

    "I use Ch as a tool for my computer science study. During my first study as an aeronautical engineer I used Matlab but now I have to learn C++. The possibility to generate complex graphics with Ch is a wonderful opportunity for me, even to calculate complex engineering questions. I am very glad for your tutorials on your webpage, it helps me very often."
    -- Tommy Gmuender

    " I am a Techinical Trainer. I am looking for a language that I can use as tutorial language. Ch did help me. Thank you."
    -- Rambabu Ballari

    "I am an Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Univ. of Pittsburgh. I have two basic uses for Ch. One is to perform Unix-like functions on my Windows PC. The other is to run C programs on this machine. Your software performs nicely for these tasks. "
    -- Professor Richard Dougall

    "At a first glance, your complier gives me a very convenient tool for debugging C language in my course. Your complier is strict in language grammar, so that I can correct my misuses of C language. For instance, I called toupper() function without including ctype.h header. When I use a compulsory complier named "Dev-C", which is freeware, it does not warn me at all--and give me an executable program. Meanwhile, your complier Ch warned me that the header must be included. Moreover, your complier provide me an adjustable code outline, which eases my debugging as well. Now, I am planning to use Ch as my second program for solving physics problem with computer."
    -- Anachak Udrach, a student from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand

    "I am a physics student with a minor in computer science and my programing language of choice is C because of its closeness to hardware. I needed something to allow me write both c and c++ codes. I want to write codes for scientific purposes, ie I wanted a cross compiler for C and C++. I use your product to practice programming. Your product is the best for my needs. I appreciate the amount of effort needed to produce an attracrive and useful IDE like Ch."
    -- Alfred Kintu

    "Ever since I first installed CH on my laptop, I hardly encounter with any problem. It is very useful for my course and at the same time, it helps me unleashed my hidden creativity. I had fun doing my task using this software. Congratulation for this helpful software! Keep up the good work :) "
    -- Haziqah Yahya

    "I am a engineering student at Devry university and I find your product a great help with my homework. I wish I have found your site earlier. I have shared this info with my fellow classmates and I feel eventually more and more applications will be web based. Thank You. "
    -- Juan Jerez

    " I am using your products to practise C++ for my upcoming exam for my computing module. Its been very useful as it works on windows 7 and its every similar the to the compiler used in the school's computer lab."
    -- Low Rui Peng , Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

    "I am learning both C and C++. I use Ch as an interactive learning aid. It is a wonderful tool and I cannot imagine these languages be made more "friendly" any other way. Thanks for the help."
    -- Jerry Laws

    From Industry and General Users

    " Ch is the first implementation, portable to different platforms, of major new features of complex numbers, variable length arrays (VLAs), and IEEE floating-point arithmetic added in C99. I have to mention how impressed I am with both the quality of Ch and how complete the environment is. I had recently ported code written over years in C shell, Perl, and Python to Ch. The porting was very simple and straightforward."
    -- Tom MacDonald, the former Chair of the ANSI C Standard Committee

    "I'm starting to use Ch for scripting and to learn C. I often have to write little scripts and learn more and more of Bash, GNU tools, and Linux to get done what I wasn't. I then thought I wish there was a shell in C, not like the other shells that are strangely called C shells, csh or tcsh, which are not like C. Even though learning C is much harder than Bash or some other scripting language, I realized learning C would have a lot of advantages. A lot, if not most, of open source and other software is written in C and understanding C would unlock all that. Also if I was careful I could write stuff cross platform that would work on Linux and Windows. Now whenever I have to script something I try to do it in C and/or Ch. Ch is a great product. I can do my scripting and learn C at the same time."
    -- James Richards

    "Ch and Embedded Ch toolkit provide a framework and development environment that enabled the development of an extremely flexible Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) environment. The standard ANSI C/C++ support makes training an issue of the past.

    The performance of the Ch interpreter far exceeded our expectations. The technical support from SoftIntegration was exceptional and sets a standard for other developers to achieve.

    I strongly recommend Embedded Ch for all people developing Script based Test Environments."

    -- Errol Korpinen, Manager at Skyworks Solutions Inc.

    "I use Embedded Ch for multi-threading applications. The result was really great, especial about global user data stuff. I can fetch my per-engine data from the Ch function wrappers. The extensions are coded in a clean way and I don't have to declare global data. This is really great whenever they had to work in multi-threaded application, no strange things to maintain the globals over multiple library loads."

    -- Roberto Fichera from Tekno-Soft

    "I have been using the Ch shell on Windows. I find it very useful to have access to UNIX tools via a Ch installation. Supplying these tools with Ch is also excellent from a software configuration management perspective because instead having to specify the versions of individual tools to people who want to use my scripts, they can simply install Ch.

    I mainly use the UNIX tools from Ch using forward slashes so that my scripts can also run on Unix. I have not used any UNIX tools extensively from the DOS command prompt, I prefer to use Ch!"
    -- Roy Glasscock, Software Engineer

    "In my opinion SoftIntegration products fulfill the expectations raised by the company name.
    The free Ch Standard Edition is an integrated, powerful and versatile shell and scripting tool that I use for general-purpose scripting and for rapid interactive breadboarding of algorithms, in a universal C/C++ syntax with some specific and useful extensions. It's available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix, such that users can easily swap platforms and continue to use the same tool.
    The Ch Professional Edition expands the features and ease-of-use of the Standard Edition with powerful math, graphics and debugging facilities. It provides a further productivity boost to professionals involved in technical computing, such as engineers, scientists and academics."
    -- Erik De Sonville, retired engineer and software developer

    "I was pleasantly surprised to find out how simple Embedded Ch was to implement inside our software products Visual Chip and Fab It! 2008. Embedded Ch is well documented and within a few hours we were able to create our own custom API's, compared to Python which took us weeks. I would recommend Embedded Ch to anyone looking to embed a C scripting language into their software product."
    -- Simon Garrison --- CEO, Numerical Innovations LLC.

    "I used Ch to prototype part of some complicated embedded code I was having problems with. Ch allowed me to build a test bench to try and duplicate the problem I was having with the embedded code. The embedded code runs on a micro controller and uses a development environment that has limited ability to set break points, observe variables, and other debugging functions. It took me about a day to learn the Ch environment and debugger. I was then able to duplicate my problem, find the root cause, and find a fix. I moved the fix over to the embedded code and it worked! Ch will now be a part of my embedded code development tool set."
    -- Duncan McDonald, Solid Motion Inc.

    "I am very pleased with the OpenCV capability of Ch, among many other aspects! Ch has potential well beyond environments such as Matlab for concept testing, modeling, and simulation with the added benefit of the 'resultant code' being more easily integrated into the ultimate target application in a seamless manner. For our purposes this translates into high productivity and qualifies as rapid application development (RAD), not to mention 'Rapid Education Assimilation' (REA) when endeavoring to learn the nuances of new functions."
    -- Dean Vieau, Magna Donnelly Inc.

    "Using Ch Mechanism Toolkit has allowed our engineers to implement linkages in our machines with greater confidence and better understanding what the loads will be. We often need to qualify analysis performed via Solidworks COSMOS or other multi-body simulation tools . Ch Mechanism Toolkit is an ideal tool for performing this necessary task. We can perform design and analysis of different mechanisms very quickly using the open source C++ classes in the toolkit. It helps to ensure our machines will ship on time and is engineered using best practices right away from the beginning. The time savings is maybe not always measureable when we are right the first time but we can measure the cost of being wrong. "
    -- Rick Lukanen, Engineering Specialist, Douglas Machine Inc.

    "I work primarily with embedded software. When I need to make some changes that do not relate directly to the hardware and timing is not an issue, I like to essentially module test the code I am working on and I can make changes and get quick feedback using the scripting environment rather than making iterative changes on target which means re-flashing using JTAG and then using a (usually) limited debugger. Ch allows me to work more quickly by copying out the code I am focusing on into a little script where I can wrap it up in a brute force test and more quickly edit and re-test than I can on the real target, especially when refining algorithms which could take hours to iterate on a real platform or test the code that would not normally execute on target (defensive statements). Module test is a good way to develop some things in code. Ch is a great way to module test because no compilation/flashing means more rapid rework/retest cycle.
    Ch is a nice product I found by accident years and years ago and now I am working on code again I have come back to it. I would suggest some promotion though because I am the only person I know that uses Ch.
    As a comment, if I am ever in the position of being the person who sets up the tools for a project I will come looking because I really like this product."
    --Ben Midgley

    "Ch is a terrific product, really amazing. I am using it under win2000 pro and xp/pro and it is very STABLE. I love it on the first touch."
    -- Alain Van hentenryck

    "In my job I am writing embedded C programs. I use CH as a 'programmers calculator' and for testing hardware independent routines. It is the best "scriptabe" calculator for a C programmer. Also it is easy to test my functions. Earlier I used perl for this purpose but then I had to rewrite the code because of different language syntax."
    -- Gyuri Szing

    "I just stumbled on your product while looking for something else on the Internet. I had never heard of ch prior to that, but so far I'm very impressed with everything it is capable of. I've been a C programmer for a long time and do mostly systems programming in an IT environment. I really like the ch shell and the ability to run C code as a script. I can see a lot of uses for this in a systems programming environment. Just surprised I've never heard of it before now. Looks like you focus on larger companies and education. I haven't been in college in a long time and I've spent most of my career in small companies, but I do see its usefulness. I will definitely be exploring this further."
    -- Robert Berry

    "Over the past 15 years, we have written a variety of c programs to read microsoft binary (not ieee) format metastock data and to analyze it, graph it, scan multiple tickers, etc. for some time we have been hung up on the change in data format to intraday data. while we know its format, it is very difficult to get at the data in harmony with our other tools. Ch is our solution. we are currently writing what were "primitive" array operators (stochastics, exponential moving averages, fft) in one of our other tools (technical analysis scanner, now defunct) in Ch. then we will be able to subject our data to our bizarrre fourier analyses both visually and programmatically.
    I must say I was pleasantly surprised that Ch was able to gobble up most of my old standard and non-standard C code without too much complaint. When I looked back on my old code, I was embarassed to see what I had written, even my most awful bit twiddling came through ok.
    Congratulations on a very good product."
    -- Nick Dobrinich

    " For beginners It's more important to master C's language structure first.
    Ch IDE running on the PC & the Raspberry Pi provided a painless introduction into learning C programming, as a user becomes proficient with the basics of C, the sky becomes the limit.
    You have no idea how many times I attempted to get into C back in the mid 80's, back then C was cryptic hard to learn. But with Ch, C became much easier & faster to learn easier thanks to great tools like Ch IDE.
    I credit the development of the Ch interpreter for ending a 20 year hiatus from programming, and providing a simple and sane way of learning C.
    -- Phillip Jordan

    "I have long wanted a general purpose true C interpreter. Back in the days when I was first learning C, it would have been invaluable. I like the idea that I can write a function and test it quickly without compiling, and that is one of the first things I tried using Ch for. It seems to do the job pretty well. I think you have a nice product with great potential as well as immediate applications. Nice job!"
    -- Paul Zink, a freelance developer and network administrator

    "When I want to satisfy my numerical interests, I can just extend my use of Ch. I do not have to learn an entirely new language with subtly different semantics to one that I am used to. The time it will save in programming mathematical problems will soon justify the cost."
    --- Francis Glassborow, Chairman of the Association of C & C++ Users in C Vu Magazine

    "We are very impressed with the product, especially the full library support. After understanding some principles, we were able to run some 10+ old C source code in the interpreter without any problems (it passed the regression tests 100% as the compiled version did - impressive!)."
    -- Christian Wolf, BHI

    "Attention: Dr. Cheng and the Ch Team: 'C'UDOS HC FOR Ch!

    I believe that you have met your Vision: One Language for All!

    Over the span of many years, since my vintage 1969 Computer Science degree, I have seen it all, from punch cards running Fortran on an IBM 1130 with 16K of actual CORE memory -tiny magnetic doughnuts laced with wires, each representing a bit- to the modern, unimaginable-at-one-time- personal computers and the blindingly-fast super-computers that enable the internet. Computers truly have -and are- changing the world at the speed of a supernova!

    My quest for the Holy Grail of a perfect, universal, multi-platform, portable-solution rapid-development environment for the C language that I love, has been in vain... until now.

    Over many years of using and looking for a great C development solution, I have seen many "new kids on the block " development languages -each one proclaiming to save the world- come and go. But after the new toys have fizzled out like bottle rockets, C remains! I believe that C -especially your interpreted Ch implementation of it- is an atomic, fundamental, organic, indispensable tool, a paradigm shift for solving real engineering and scientific problems of the world, now and in the future!

    So I say CUDOS, HC for Ch! I am happy to join the growing list of dedicated users and companies who have recognized its great depth, power, versatility of application, and ease-of-use! You have set a high bar. I do not plan to development in anything else but Ch from now on! I look forward to its continued successful evolvution to a world-class solution for Engineers and Scientists.
    -- Paul S. Poole aka "CCapTN"

    " I am really impressed by your product. I will use it for rapid application in numeric calculation. I use mathlab but your product in much more handy because it is standard C/C++. I think Ch is perfect for learning and also to develop code snippets. I will be fun of your software and I already recommended it to my friends."
    -- Christopher Kaczko

    "I do some assembly and C coding. I switch between Windows and Linux systems almost on a daily basis and was always missing a lot of the console mode possibilities including usefull scripting when I'm on windows.

    My impression about Ch is 100% positive, feeling at home within a few minutes, very stable, offering everything, one could think of, no endless time waiting for Borland C++ builder or MS Visual C++ to come up, no more 10+ seconds waiting for a 20 line program to compile.

    To summarize it: A great piece of software, very promising and it will surely give me a lot of interesting hours exploring it. I will surely make it known to my friends. A very big compliment to you and your coworkers!"
    -- Wolfgang Petersen

    "Embedded Ch saves us a lot of hard work from implementing our own proprietary scripting language, and makes it possible to provide a robust scripting interface to manipulate our product from outside. C scripting is also best suited for our customers, who are heavy C developers themselves. We are very satisfied with embedding Ch into our products."
    -- Toshiyuki Tega, Manager of Technology Group, Axell Corporation

    "I must say I like Embedded Ch. I accomplished my goal in less than half an hour with embedded Ch; while I spent a week evaluating Python and tried to get it to do the same, without success.
    Also, I found Python difficult to use, due to different data types. It is both expensive and inconvenient to convert the entire array into a Python list. It requires to add a callback function to a C++ class, which converts an entire array into a Python Object and pass back to the Python script. So I came with a lot of call-back 'baggage' that clouded my mind.
    Embedded Ch makes my task simpler and easier, with a very clean solution. No need for callback, no separate dll; simply pass the pointer as arguments to the scripted function. No other embedded interpreter has this capability."
    -- Dr. Ho, Peng Yip, The Boeing Company

    "We greatly appreciate the power and flexibility of a C interpreter bring to the simulation and design of power electronics and motor drive systems. An embedded C interpreter makes it extremely easy to write C code in PSIM without the need of a separate C compiler. The response from our customers on the C Script Block in PSIM, powered by the Embedded Ch interpreter, is very good. Thank you for a well-developed product."
    -- Hua Jin, president of Powersim Inc

    "I am using Ch shell programming capabilities to automate the download and extraction of data from archive (*.ar) files using the Unix ar command for an automation system running under Win2000. I use ar within a Ch built-in 'for each' loop to extract all files (*.ar) within a given directory. It works beautifully.

    I am very impressed with the capabilities of the Ch language, and plan to make more use of it in future in developing automation scripts."
    -- Jeremy Walsh, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand

    "TCS is committed to helping wireless carriers meet their obligations for wireless E9-1-1 and meet accessibility guidelines under Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act. Embedded Ch is an ideal solution to customize our products for different customers with different requirements. We have customer specific data that is sent to customers attached to our product. With Embedded Ch, our down-stream deployment team is able to add C/C++ scripts to perform string manipulation and output based on customers. This allows our deployment teams to very conveniently customize customer specific data,"
    Paul Thompson, Systems Engineering Manager from TeleCommunication Systems

    Ch definetely helps me for performing the following task:

    • testing small programs; it would take less time than when using conventional compilers
    • testing functions; compilers won't accept incomplete programs
    • testing solutions to programming problems such as those found in
    -- Rico Zuniga

    "Wow! what an interesting piece of work. Ch seems to have gathered up of everything! This makes a better shell than bash or the others put together. You certainly have gathered together a remarkable grouping of commands, talk about a rich programming environment --- I'll always love the command line interface."
    -- Josh Myers

    "Our mission is to provide our customers with the best interferometric solutions. Scripting allows our customers to create their own solutions and customizations, based on the core functionality of the system. Embedded Ch is an excellent scripting engine in C/C++. It adds many new scripting features and functions to IntelliWave including advanced automation, data processing, and systems integration with other programs. It extends our customer's ability to conveniently automate IntelliWave for a variety of tasks in different industries. We believe we will significantly reduce the development, maintenance, and training cost when our developers and users use the same language for our interferometric analysis software."
    --- Raymond Castonguay, ESDI President and CTO

    "I am using Ch to teach some friends C/C++ fundamentals. This is so much easier than the edit compile run sequence needed to demonstrate concepts through a compiler. Thanks again for a great learning tool."
    -- John Painter, Co-Founder, DoverSynergy, LLC.

    "I'm a Common Lisp programmer, and I wanted to try out a C implementation with a REPL, for pedagogical purposes (comparing C with Common Lisp as languages, and Ch with CCL as implementations having REPL, vs gcc or g77 as implementations with batch processors).

    You'll be happy to learn that I also tried Cint, and that Ch worked much better than Cint on this occasion.

    In my opinion, Ch should be more popularised, and people should be trained to lose the reflex of associating C with batch compiler (or unsafe code generation). "
    -- Pascal Bourguignon

    "I am a software engineer in Big Brat Ltd., a company making video surveillance solutions. As a computer vision based algorithms researcher, I have found Ch OpenCV Package very useful. It saves me a lot of time when I'm working on such areas as face or number plate recognition! It lets me to fast prototype algorithms with the same code which will be used in a final product."
    --- Konrad Kokosa

    " I was searching for a text-based development environment and found Ch. Ch is the best what I've found.
    The Unix-like Shell, the testing of the C/C++-Source without compilation, directly from the shell, is the best software-integration under windows and Unix. I have a Windows XP, but i don't like the graphical user interface as an operating system. Ch is text based and I can fully control, what the system have to do, of course, also the GUI.
    At first I use Ch for writing and testing source-codes without compilation (only for studying the programming-language and the "All-In-One-Environment" of Ch). It's the fastest way to test new written Software in C/C++ and learn more about this logical programming language. "
    -- Corc Ergilooglu, Augsburg, Germany

    "We use Ch in biomechanics to build matrix, to find degrees of freedom of cinematic couples and much more. We draw the body parts with Autocad and we calculate their grades with Ch in every project. Ch is very easy to use and good for our projects."
    -- Annunziata D'elia, from "Bio-Medico" Campus in Rome

    "Ch is a congenial development environment for numerical programming. I can certainly recommend Ch to scientists, engineers and C/C++ programmers.
    If you already know C/C++, you'll find Ch a congenial development environment - the fact that it's an interpreter and has a big library make a lot of things very simple."
    -- Dr. Martin Heller, Mr. Computer Language Person at

    "I use the excellent Ch graphics routines for business and personal use. I also use Ch to prototype C/C++ applications for reading and extracting/summarizing and creating statistics from flat input files. It is an excellent package! I wish I had your product when I was learning C."
    --- Donald Hiller, DP Manager, LA County

    "I use Ch mostly as a powerful scripting language. It's really nice to be able to write scripts with that simple syntax. It's also great to write and test code snippets and small programs. Development and testing is very quick with Ch. I'm just getting used to the aditional facilities of Ch, besides interpreting C code, it also works great as a shell. I prefer to use it for writing shell scripts and small programs instead of using bash or python. I feel much more confortable with Ch than with Python."
    -- Guilherme A. C. Colombelli, UNIDERP, Campo Grande, Brazil.

    "ChIDE is being utilize for prototyping and modeling new protocol methods, and also learning. ChIDE instant feedback in a prototyping environment outperforms regular C/C++ compilers. One thing about ChIDE is how quick a user becomes addicted to this instant feedback."
    -- Rolando Govantes, Television Network Broadcast Engineer, New York, New York

    "Ch is a really good idea. It is almost amazing that it took this long for someone to implement and bring to market. I enjoy having it on my system for casual experimentation as an alternative environment available for modeling and proofs-of-concept. From what I have seen, it is nicely done."
    -- Dan Lentz

    "I downloaded your Graphical library software, and it really solved my problem. What you people are doing is really commendable and exemplary. I pray that you succeed in your future plans, and provide your customers with these highly efficient solutions."
    -- Nauman Majid

    "I have only just started using Ch, and it has already speeded up the development of C programs by an order of magnitude; by removing the "pain" associated with the edit-compile-link cycle, it makes possible a far more interactive and dynamic style of programming than is traditional in C/C++, or even Java, and akin to scripting languages like Perl or Python.
    One feature in particular that struck me immediately is its remarkable compliance with standard C: the programs I have developed interactively using Ch have all subsequently compiled successfully, and, conversely, Ch has coped handsomely with every valid C program I have tried on it so far, without a single modification.
    All in all, I'm very impressed."
    -- Johannes Flieger

    "Ch has been used to examine text data and observing logs of running programs. It's like having many of the advantages of UNIX while working on windows!! For example, Command "od" is fantastic for examining unprintable characters in files, a task quite painstaking and time-consuming in our other available tools; It is a great product."
    -- Blaine Byars, a programmer/analyst

    "Wow! Pretty comprehensive piece of kit. If I could get it to do what I needed it to, it would blow my own code right out of the water! The numerical analysis tools in Ch are just fantastic, and could remove the need for months of research in many cases. I think it's great stuff, and a good alternative to Python if you ask me, not to mention a darn sight more mainstream."
    -- Richard Hince

    "I just want to let you know that this is a great program. It was well worth the time"
    -- Cedric Henderson

    "I am porting a large embedded processor C application at the moment, from an 8 bit to 32 processor.
    I use Doxygen a GNU documentation tool to understand the ten year old application. Where I have trouble following some code I cut it out and put it in to the Ch interpreter. I found Ch searching for a C interpreter on Google a few days ago. I am then able to play around/change with the code segment without downloading and stepping through embedded code in the target processor. Each change in the C code using the embedded tools takes time to edit, download and step through. Ch allows me to quickly make changes, check my logic etc.
    I then use the embedded tools only to check the final changed code and for low level I/O and peripheral code etc. I could use some embedded C simulator I suppose but I find Ch really easy to use.
    I am really impressed with the free download tool and will in future think about using Ch for windows machine scripting as it looks really easy to use and I'm OK with C. It reminds me of C shell for unix which I played around with about 25 years ago, I also used awk at that time. "
    -- Terry Rose, Embedded Processor design engineer at Brightwell

    "I am not a real software pro. I _really_ liked to see is that with Ch I can run practically any UNIX command and even some of the utilities like awk or gawk or nawk.with the Ch software it looks like we could use the nawk programs directly with very few rudimentary changes. And those changes would not be necessary if I had put all the data files from UNIX into a Windows file structure that had the same names as the UNIX directory structure.
    What I had done -- or tried to do -- and this was a bigger headache than I thought it would be: I converted the nawk programs to Perl using the Perl utility a2p then was able to run the Perl programs in Windows using ActivePerl. The Perl utility a2p is written to convert awk or nawk to the UNIX flavor of Perl. This is so even for the ActivePerl that runs on Windows. So I had to un-UNIXize the converted program. For someone like me, it took a lot of time to figure out what were the UNIX system commands that the Perl translator had left behind (then comment them out of the program), and to figure out if there were any Windows system commands that should be put in their place (there were none). Ch makes all of the above steps unneccessary."
    -- Brian P. Glover, Software engineer

    "I am interested in your package as an alternative to Java. I would like to minimize the numer of languages I have to program in. So far you seem to be doing everything right. It is just a mater of getting the public to recognize your product and use it."
    -- Ranald Engelbeck

    " I have pretty much concluded that this language (Ch) serves both as an extension of C and as well an outstanding scripting language."
    -- Khan Shirani

    " "I selected Ch because I had a fairly good understanding of C and needed a scripting language with the same capabilities. I tried to implement a project of mine dealing with a relatively big amount of data that has to be loaded, merged and processed, integrating different sources of data into one file. The project relies on a combination of huge amount of data, coupled with mathematics. I tried this using PHP but the script can simply not be executed due to segmentation fault (probably too much data to handle ...). Then I attempted to move to Python but without success because I had difficulties understanding the underlying philosophy of Python. I rather uses an interpreter because it allow me to write and test code slowly. Until now, I have no suggestion about Ch, excepted I could made use of inheritance between classes."
    -- Vincent Dumont

    "I spend my spare time solving problems on several online judges and since i like original C very much and as long as things can be done simple (without STL). I prefer it's down to memory language over most others. In this process there often have to be done little things like output a quick calculation or check something in a loop or test a piece of code out of it's algorithmic context. And in all those cases the C shell concept closes the gap perfectly between the effort of producing another executable on one hand or (re)writing code in another scripting language on the other.
    I like Ch IDE. The error messages are quite speaking to the programmer. In main I can see it's a careful peace of software. "
    -- Stefan Bialucha

    "I previously used small command-line applications I wrote myself in C for performing the required operations. Ch makes the process much easier by eliminating the compile-link step every time I modify and improve the programs, which happens fairly regularly. I don't know enough about Perl, sed etc, so being able to script in C is a huge bonus.
    I would like to congratulate you on the quality and speed of Ch. I would heartily recommend it to anyone else requiring a similar solution to mine."
    -- Thomas Davies

    "I've just played with it and it works very well - much better than I expected. I like the idea of just being able to enter a line of code and see the result."
    -- Carlo Mills

    "I was an SCO Unix/Xenix person and I miss shell programming. I was also a programmer for a number of years using COBOL, FORTRAN, RPG, IBM 360/370ASSEMBLER, etc. Although I took a C course, I never really got into it. I have an older version of Microsoft C++ and decided that I would like to learn how to program in C++. It was during my search for useful information to help me get started that I came across Ch. I'm afraid it's love at first sight. Not only will it help me learn C++, it has a multitude of other uses, not the least of which is simply a nice scientific calculator. The down side is that I may now lose interest in C++ because of the time I'm spending learning the limits of Ch. So, at this point in time, my interest is academic. Whether or not I actually do something useful or profitable remains to be seen. In the meantime, thank you for making Ch available. And, it scratched my shell programming itch.
    Suggestions? I'm reluctant to suggest because my suggestion may be counterproductive to your making a profit from all the time you've invested in the product. I wish you could just give it away to everybody.
    Comments? It's a really, great product.
    -- John L. Lewis

    " "I use the Ch as a quick tester during the development for some functions in our program. I used it also for quick prototyping some image processing program with openCV. In my case, Ch is a good, simple, and light program for prototyping the code. "
    -- Ivan Limansyah, Formulatrix Indonesia

    " I have a series of data of the location. I use Ch to plot the trajectory of the these data. Your product resolves my problem, easily and quickly. "
    -- Boonho Ng

    "I've found Ch to be bullet-proof and extremely convenient to use. A great piece of work."
    -- Bill Drissel

    "I use your product to easily learn the C language. I think it is a shell and learning interactively C is more easy with your product than installing linux and use csh or tcsh shell to learn C. I found it offer more features than I'm waiting for. It's a great free product. Let me re-thank you again for your product and I want to share what I knew with my friends."
    -- Marius Ramanitra

    "I find your software very pealsant to use and full of libraries to execute my C programs in openGL. And the use of shell commands are also pleasant."
    -- Chaabane Rim

    "I'm pleased to say I'm very happy with my Ch Professional evaluation. I will definitely think of getting the full version in the near future, as I find it really easy to use and very reliable. Thank you for producing such a great product."
    -- Zak Holland

    "I just wanted to see whether C can really be interpreted. All the C programs I tested with your interpreter went through perfectly. Its really a wonderful product. I am sure this makes a lot of difference in the development time as I do not need to compile the program each time."
    -- Panna Lal Patodia, Excellent Software

    "I use your company product as C interpreter to learn more about algorithms for list, stack, tree & dictionary allocation, memory reuse for small memory systems. It helps."
    -- Leszek Rychert

    "I use Ch interpreter for C++/C language learning. It economizes my time - I needn't code compiling now. It's cool! It works perfectly!"
    -- Dmitry Stefeev

    "I am developing something that uses the same algorithm in multiple languages. C is one of them. I use the Ch interpreter to quickly try my C code. Ch interpreter is used to get a second opinion as to why my code does not compile. Trying things in the Ch interpreter is a great time saver."
    -- Bardi Einarsson

    "I have been using Ch to become more familiar with the C language. I am familiar with C++, but found the need to add functionality to an existing C library. Ch has allowed to me to play around, in an efficient way, with some of the more subtle aspects of the C language (from my perspective)."
    --Scott Mosher, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    "I work on Windows computers all the time at work. I stay on the command prompt as much as possible, since it's more efficient than working with GUIs. Also, I do a lot of scripting. Because of that, I've installed Ch Standard on my desktop to fill in all the pieces that are missing from DOS as a shell. I wish that it could be part of the standard distribution of the Windows operating systems. Thanks for a great product."
    -- Kevin Kelleher, Release Engineer

    "I originally downloaded your product to model dynamic systems with your control systems toolbox. The software is very versatile and effective for modeling. I have began to use your product for coding in C as well. The interpreter reduces the development time and increases productivity significantly."
    -- Chris Hickam

    "I am a control systems PhD, with 15 years of Matlab experience, who spends most of his time doing software engineering. Ch is a dream comes true."
    -- Matt Wheeler

    " I use Ch in my computational electromagnetics research group. I use it in my day-to-day work as a very cool clone of Lisp's REPL (Read-Eval-Prin Loop), only in C which is our language of choice. It's extremely useful. While I do not use it as a primary development environment, I find it to be a very useful tool. makes it far easier to solve the problem. My current area of study are direct methods for solving sparse linear systems. This means a few weird data structures for something as simple as an array and debugging these is a mess. I find it far easier to use Ch instead of using a painful compile-edit-run-compile-edit-run... cycle with funky debugging interleaved. An interactive shell is easier to work with for testing in small bits. I'll also recommend Ch to my colleagues and considering purchasing the Professional version. "
    -- Alexandru Lazar

    "I am a mathematician. There are many fine products available these days, but I have found every one I tried deficient in one or more crucial areas of use. Sometimes there is nothing available for the task at hand.
    This required me to write my own code to do what I want done. Although I were rather proficient in Pascal years back, coding these days is a whole new game. I am trying to learn to use various languages and specialized tools to develop the software I need. I am certain that an interpreter is the best vehicle for experimenting when first learning a programming language. Ch is the best interpreter for C/C++ that I have found on the Web. It has been very useful for me. I am grateful to you for offering Ch at no cost."
    -- Dr. Harvey Fox

    "I'm using the product to help me learn C programming, primarily. The fact that it also parses C++ is a bonus. I'm also going to be using it for scripting, where a C program would be overkill, but Perl just doesn't quite cut it. Love the product. "
    -- Roger Lee, Manager of Aural Moon

    "I'm interested in running C/C++ code without compile. With the CH IDE, I can run my code fast. It's better than VS 2008. VS is just slow and slow."
    -- Dingwei Zhang

    " The idea of having a C-Interpreter on my machine looks very nice to me. Hacking in a few lines of code and let it run, see what is happening without any time waste for compiling, linking etc., - brilliant!"
    -- Hermann Reimers, Technician

    "I downloaded Ch when I was looking for some scripting language for C++. At this moment I have almost totally replaced the windows command prompt with Ch :) It's really great. I'm working a lot with Unix and when I have to go to the DOS prompt for some small task bye "reflex" I type ls instead of dir, and with Ch this is working :) This is very good (of course, this was only one example of why I like it)."
    -- Ferenc Deak

    "I use your product with OpenCV. I think your product is awesome! I'm amazed a C interpreter could be so fast. "
    -- an opencv user

    " Finally, the speed of an interpreted scripting language, with the sophistication and ease of use of C. What could be better? Until someone writes an x86 assembler interpreter for scripting, this product will be unbeatable. "
    -- Meta from macupdate review

    " I use Ch as a calculator in Windows. I find the C language programmability a nice enhancement. Ch does indeed "resolve my problems" - that is, it's very good at calculating for me. I really like Ch already, even though I've had it for only a few days. "
    -- Chuck Kriel

    "I decided to teach myself C/C++ programming. I have dabbled in Python & Euphoria. While I like both of those languages, I think to get more serious into development I need to know C & C++. The thing I loved about Python & Euphoria, though, is that they are interpreted languages, so I set out to find a C interpreter. I like the idea of just editing the code & running it instantly, instead for having to recompile & relink everything all the time. That's the best part about your product."
    -- Marty Berger

    "I am using your program to check my C codes, which I am writing for scientific research applications (I biophysicist-theorist, carrying out research on different aspects of biopolymer physical chemistry). Your software is truly helpful in my work."
    -- Jewgeni Starikow, Germany

    "As a Linux user, I'm used to writing shell scripts to make my desktop as simple as possible. Shell scripts are very powerful but their syntax is sometimes non intuitive. Therefore reading my own scripts some months later often become a difficult task. The idea of scripting in a C-compatible syntax is then perfect."
    -- Daniel Cheung

    "I do C, PhP, Perl, Java web + graphics programmin things +graphical arts. Comparing Ch with the similiar products, as far I can see, it is a really impressive product, really ingenious."
    -- Konrad Stein, Germany

    "I have a hydrology project to make a surface plot using C++ and I need some graphical library to complete it. Your software help me a lot in doing this by guiding me how to do as well as solving the debug what I had earlier with Visual C++. Thanks to the genius!!!!"
    -- Mayank Jain -- IIT Guwahati India

    "I use Ch for doing OS level scripts to automate management of my file and build systems. So it's C from OS to UI's It's fast, it's clean, and does the job with honors. I can't think of a way to make a wheel more round."
    -- Jess Hill

    "We provide the state-of-the-art multi-body dynamics (MBD) technology in the RecurDyn family of software. However, our technology is not limited to the traditional MBD area. We are expanding to a complete multi-physics solution that includes finite element analysis, control, computational fluid dynamics, and optimization. Our customers include many leading companies.

    Embedded Ch was easily integrated into our products. We are very satisfied with the performance of Embedded Ch for our large-scale complete CAE solutions.

    The interface by which our customers communicate with RecurDyn and input their own functions is critical for effective use of our integrated design and simulation environment for multi-physics systems. Embedded Ch is an ideal solution for modeling and interface with the underlying RecurDyn solver. With Embedded Ch, our customers can not only model and interface with the underlying RecurDyn solver using C/C++ scripts, but also build modeling blocks in C/C++ scripts."

    Embedded Ch saves us the cost for developing and maintaining a proprietary scripting language, and reduces the time for developing our products. We will launch the entire RecurDyn family of software integrated with Embedded Ch soon."
    -- Michael Jang, CEO of FunctionBay, Inc.

    "As a novice C programmer, using Ch to learn and test new concepts in a safe environment is very valuable to me. Thank you for making such a great product."
    -- Monte Vincent

    "The primary reason that I downloaded Ch was to help me in my migration from Unix administrator to Windows. I have 20 years of Unix experience and am well acquainted with the shell tools available. This has made me a proficient shell scri pter on our Unix platforms. As I migrate I felt that it would be useful to retain at least some of those skills on the less endowed Windows shell. I have been pleased with the Ch shell and intend on continuing to use it as I fi nd the need. Thank you for providing such a useful toolset."
    -- Powell Stuart

    " I downloaded your product to have a simple user-friendly debug environment to prove an algorithm I'm developing for an aduino environment. From I colleague I heard about your simple to use tool with a low entry level. So that's why I tried it. So far I'm happy with your product and it helped me to get insight in my code I most certainly will tell a friend about it. Thanks."
    -- Andries Holtrop

    "I am writing an interactive program with a command-shell-like interface, and rather than write an interactive shell from scratch I decided to use an existing interpreter for some scripting language which I could extend with my own commands.
    I downloaded Ch to evaluate how suitable it would be for this application, along with around 15 other scripting environments. I liked the Ch shell a lot when I started it up, very easy to use, allowed me to set and get variables and run shell commands using the syntax I wanted, and had auto-completion on command names. It got into the top three, along with Tcl and iPython (a more advanced interactive python interpreter, which I eventually rejected on account of it's size).
    -- Chris Brown

    "I have Ch for developing camera calibration software using the OpenCV library. It is very useful for prototyping. For speed purposes, I can compile the same code using Borland's free compiler before running."
    -- Kristian Kirk

    "I am using Ch to test prototypes of my bioinformatics tools written in C. Ch helps to cut down development time."
    -- Rinaldo Wander Montalvao

    "I needed to write a quick and simple program to massage a binary file from a GPS receiver into a form usable by GPSbabel. Ch worked great!! I also found that you can redirect stdout to a file at the command line."
    -- Bob Dring, Australia

    "Ch is an awesome product. I needed to do a somewhat complex calculation for a bet with a friend, and I needed to program it. I needed to find all the palindromic numbers up to 28682. I know, weird, don't ask. I found your product through Google, downloaded, coded, and it worked great. You should be proud of what great product you have."
    -- Keith McCurdy

    " I use Ch for all my programming tasks. As an interpreter, I feel I have more control over my program and its results. I'm programming in C for some neural networks projects. I really feel your interpreter is a great programming tool, and also gives me more nice features than what a regular compiler can offer. I'm very pleased with the results I have. My computer won't get stucked, results are more easy to see and to manipulate. I think the word that best describes Ch it's KIND."
    -- Ricardo Majalca

    "Ch is cool. Perfect for scripting. I did write a couple of scripts, and a couple of CGI scripts and it works beautifully. Ch rules.
    There are two things that I like most about Ch.
    One is being able to write scripts using the C syntax. That makes scripting a piece of cake for me, since I think in C/C++.
    The second is the low-level power. If you ever wrote a script, at some point you wished you had something from C available. The author also recognized what would be nice to add. One can execute any command just like in a bash script and the foreach statement is very nice. Including iostream was also a nice touch. Thanks for Ch."
    -- Fikret Skrgic