Plotting in Ch
Here is a list of Terminal and File Type supported for Ch plotting, they are applicable to SoftIntegration Graphical Library as well.

Terminal and File Type Description
aifm Adobe Illustrator 3.0
corel EPS format for CorelDRAW
dxf AutoCAD DXF
dxy800a Roland DXY800A plotter
eepic Extended LaTeX picture
emtex LaTeX picture with emTeX specials
epson-180dpi Epson LQ-style 24-pin printer with 180dpi
epson-60dpi Epson LQ-style 24-pin printers with 60dpi
epson-lx800 Epson LX-800, Star NL-10 and NX-100
excl Talaris printers
fig Xfig 3.1
gpic gpic/groff package
gif gif format
hp2648 Hewlett Packard HP2647 an HP2648
hp500c Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500c
hpdj Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500
hpgl HPGL output
hpljii HP LaserJet II
hppj HP PaintJet and HP3630 printers
latex LaTeX picture
mf MetaFont
mif Frame Maker MIF 3.00
nec-cp6 NEC CP6 and Epson LQ-800
okidata 9-pin OKIDATA 320/321 printers
pcl5 Hewlett Packard LaserJet III
pbm Portable BitMap
png Portable Network Graphics
postscript Postscript
pslatex LaTeX picture with postscript specials
pstricks LaTeX picture with PSTricks macros
starc Star Color Printer
tandy-60dpi Tandy DMP-130 series printers
texdraw LaTeX texdraw format
tgif TGIF X-Window drawing format
tpic LaTeX picture with tpic specials