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Embedding a C/C++ Interpreter into C/C++ Applications for Scripting and Programming.

Embedded Ch for Raspberry Pi and ARM based computers such as Orange Pi is free for non-commercial use, subject to the license agreement set forth in the license. Embedded Ch for Raspberry Pi is bundled in C-STEMbian.

Embedded Ch allows you to embed Ch (C/C++ interpreter) into your C/C++ application programs and hardware as a scripting and programming engine. With Embedded Ch, your C/C++ binary applications in the runtime can call Ch scripts/functions, and the Ch scripts can call back C/C++ binary functions. You can modify Ch scripts without recompiling your C/C++ applications. It can make your applications more user-friendly and powerful with extension of C/C++ scripts. In addition, we provide Embedded Ch debug APIs for easy of step-by-step C/Ch script debug. ChIDE is a good example for using Embedded Ch debug API.

Embedded Ch
Embedding Ch into C/C++ applications.

Embedded Ch reduces the complexity of heterogeneous development environment for both embedded scripting and applications. With the consistent C/C++ code base, it can reduce your cost significantly in the software development, testing, maintenance and technical support in the long run.

"Embedded Ch saves us a lot of hard work from implementing our own proprietary scripting language, and makes it possible to provide a robust scripting interface to manipulate our product from outside.

C scripting is also best suited for our customers, who are heavy C developers themselves. We are very satisfied with embedding Ch into our products."

Toshiyuki Tega, Manager of Technology Group, Axell Corporation

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Moreover with Embedded Ch, C/C++ applications can be extended with all features of Ch including built-in string type for scripting. Embedded Ch has a small footprint. The pointer and time deterministic nature of the C language provide a perfect interface with hardware in real-time systems.

Embedded Ch is designed for compiled C/C++ application programs to execute Ch scripts or Ch functions directly and easily. It also allows C/C++ applications to access Ch script global variables and Ch functions. C/C++ and Ch are seamlessly integrated. Ch scripts and functions executed within compiled C/C++ programs can invoke C functions and C++ classes in binary modules.

Embedded Ch supports callback functions to trace the program operation-by-operation or step-by-step during execution.

Embedded Ch supports debugging of programs at runtime as shown in ChIDE. ChIDE uses Embedded Ch to debug and execute C/Ch/C++ programs. Ch ChIDE is distributed in Ch Professional, Professional Evaluation, and Student Editions.

Embedded Ch can load scripts incrementally and execute them dynamically.

Embedded Ch can access C++ binary class and its member functions without writing proxy functions.

Embedded Ch does not produce any intermediate code or byte code. This not only makes Ch scripts in your applications run fast, but also allows execution of Ch scripts generated dynamically on-line.

Embedded Ch supports multi-treading. A single interpreter can execute multiple C/C++ scripts. Multiple C/C++ interpreters can be embedded into an application to execute multiple C/C++ scripts simultaneously..

Embedded Ch is designed for portable computing. The same embedded code developed in one platform can be applied in a different platform without any modification.

As a built-in C scripting engine, Embedded Ch can relieve you from the burden of developing and maintaining a proprietary scripting language or interpreter. You can focus on your core business. This will result in enormous savings in personnel, hardware, software, development, testing, maintenance, system administration, and technical support.

Embedded Ch consists of Embedded Ch SDK and distributable run-time Embedded Ch Standard or Professional Edition.

By default, Embedded Ch includes distributable run-time Embedded Ch Standard Edition. "Embedded Ch Standard Edition" contains all features of Ch Standard Edition, except that it cannot be started stand alone. All capabilities in Ch Standard edition can be invoked from your application program with embedded Ch.

Key benefits of Embedded Ch are described here.

"Ch and Embedded Ch toolkit provide a framework and development environment that enabled the development of an extremely flexible Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) environment. The standard ANSI C/C++ support makes training an issue of the past.

The performance of the Ch interpreter far exceeded our expectations. The technical support from SoftIntegration was exceptional and sets a standard for other developers to achieve.

I strongly recommend Embedded Ch for all people developing Script based Test Environments."

Errol Korpinen, Manager
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

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"I use Embedded Ch for multi-threading applications. The result was really great, especial about global user data stuff. I can fetch my per-engine data from the Ch function wrappers. The extensions are coded in a clean way and I don't have to declare global data. This is really great whenever they had to work in multi-threaded application, no strange things to maintain the globals over multiple library loads."

Roberto Fichera from Tekno-Soft

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