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The latest version of Ch and Embedded Ch is 7.5.3. ChIDE is included in the Ch Professional Edition and Student Edition. You can check Ch revision history for the detailed new features in Ch 7.5.3. The difference among Ch Standard Edition, Ch Professional Edition and Ch Student Edition can be found here.

Ch Professional for ARM and Raspberry PI is free for non-commercial use. subject to the license agreement set forth in the license.

Ch Standard Edition is FREEWARE for both commercial and non-commercial uses, subject to the license agreement set forth in the license. It can be downloaded and used freely.

Ch Student Edition is FREEWARE available only to registered students in educational institutions. subject to the license agreement in the license. Click here for comparison of different Ch editions.

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Ch toolkits and third party packages

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Ch Professional Edition 7.5.3 Ch Standard Edition 7.5.3
(Free for commercial use)
Embedded Ch Edition 7.5.3 Ch Student Edition 7.5.3 (Free for student's personal computer only)
SoftIntegration C++ Graphical Library (SIGL) Evaluation Edition 3.0 Ch NAG Statistics Evaluation Edition 1.1
Ch Mechanism Toolkit Edition 3.0 Ch Control System Toolkit 2.5