Plotting a Mathematical Expression
with Graphical User Interface in Windows

A sample interactively plotting a mathematical expression with graphical user interface (GUI) in Windows is shown below.

Sample GUI

The above interactive plotting can be done using Ch Professional, Student, or Evaluation Edution for Windows. Click the above image to get an enlarged one. The above GUI for interactive plotting is accomplished by the program, which is included in the distribution of the sample code below.

To compile the program in C++, SIGL C++ graphical library is needed for plotting and Embedded Ch is needed to process the mathematical expressions entered by the user through the GUI.

System Requiement
  1. Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003.
  2. The program can readily run in Ch Professonal, Student, or Evaluation Edition.
  3. The program winplot.cpp can be compiled using a C++ compiler with SIGL and Embedded Ch.
Download the Code
Click here to download the code that generates the above GUI for plotting.
Real-Time Plotting
For real-time plotting with different sets of data, please try demos here.