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System Requirements
Ch CGI Toolkit is FREEWARE. It can be Downloaded at the end of this page.
Ch CGI toolkit is a C++ toolkit for CGI programming. It can run in Ch across different platforms without lengthy compile/link/execute/debug cycles. It integrates seamlessly with the Web server.

You can write your CGI programs and run in Ch without Ch CGI toolkit. However, Ch CGI toolkit provides easy-to-use CGI APIs. CGI programming in Ch is simple as you write code in Microsoft ASP or Jave JSP. Ch CGI is an ideal application programming interface for various Web applications across different platforms. The same Ch CGI scripts can run in different platforms with different Web servers without any modification.

With Ch ODBC, you can write code once and access any database from any OS.

With Ch CGI and Ch Professional Edition, you can perform on-line 2D/3D plotting, on-line 3D graphics, and Web-based scientific numerical computing with applications in engineering and science, analysis and design of control systems, mechanisms design and analysis, and more.

It is easy to deploy CGI based web applications. For example, the following CGI Ch script can be used to process fill-out forms on a web server compilation.

     #!/bin/ch -g
     main() {
       int i, num;
       chstrarray name;  /* name[i]  is a string of char with a passed name */
       chstrarray value; /* value[i] is a string of char with a passed value */
       class CRequest Request;
       class CResponse Response;
       Response.title("CGI FORM test script reports");
       num = Request.getFormNameValue(name, value);
         printf("\nNo input from form\n");
       printf("\nThe following %d name/value pairs are submitted\n\n");
       for(i=0; i < num; i++)

Download Ch CGI 3.7

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Note: Our CGI APIs can also be seamlessly integrated with your existing C++ code and be compiled using a C++ compiler. For source code license, please contact us.