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Ch Mechanism Toolkit 3.0
Web-based Design

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Ch Mechanism Toolkit is included in Ch Professional Edition and Ch Student Edition, starting in Ch v8.0.

Ch Mechanism Toolkit can be conveniently used for design and analysis of many different mechanisms such as fourbar linkage, crank-slider mechanism, sixbar linkages, cam-follower system, etc.

Ch Mechanism Toolkit is developed in Ch Professional Edition with user-friendly high-level numerical and graphical plotting capabilities, as well as easy-to-use QuickAnimation for quick animation.

Ch Mechanism Toolkit supports most commonly used mechanisms through object-oriented programming based on mechanism classes. The Ch Mechanism Toolkit comes with the source code and examples. It can help you develop solutions for design and analysis of many other mechanisms.

With Ch Mechanism Toolkit installed in a Web server, Web-based mechanism design and analysis can be performed on-line. It is very simple and easy to use for solving practical engineering problems as well as for teaching and learning design and analysis of mechanisms. Using Ch Mechanism Toolkit with QuickAnimation, you can also develop Web-based solutions for design and analysis of many other mechanisms.


"Using Ch Mechanism Toolkit has allowed our engineers to implement linkages in our machines with greater confidence and better understanding what the loads will be.
We often need to qualify analysis performed via Solidworks COSMOS or other multi-body simulation tools . Ch Mechanism Toolkit is an ideal tool for performing this necessary task.
We can perform design and analysis of different mechanisms very quickly using the open source C++ classes in the toolkit. It helps to ensure our machines will ship on time and is engineered using best practices right away from the beginning. The time savings is maybe not always measureable when we are right the first time but we can measure the cost of being wrong. "

Rick Lukanen, Engineering Specialist, Douglas Machine Inc.

"Ch is a great programming tool! Although I was a Fortran programmer and I had no previous experience of C++, I adapted myself very quickly.

The toolkits available allow the user to start without the burden of installing and linking libraries. The built-in linear algebra and numerical procedures are very useful.

I had the opportunity to test the Ch Mechanism Toolkit. Ch and this toolkit provide the user with an outstanding programming environment to develop his own kinematic analysis or synthesis algorithms. The post processing and animation of the mechanisms are very easy thank also to the ready-to-use graphical primitives.

I strongly recommend Ch and this toolkit for all the people working in the mechanism field."

Professor Ettore Pennestri, University of Roma - Italy

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Major Features of Ch Mechanism Toolkit:

  • Variety of Mechanisms
    Contain classes for design and analysis of four-bar, crank-slider, five-bar, six-bar linkages including fourbar, crank-slider, Watt six-bar, Stephenson six-bar, and cam-follower mechanisms. Following the examples of the source code for these mechanisms, users can develop their own software for analysis and design of other mechanisms.

  • Kinematic Analysis
    Perform position, velocity, acceleration analysis for joint angles and coupler points.

  • Synthesis
    Perform synthesis of mechanisms.

  • Dynamic Analysis
    Perform dynamic analysis based on equations of motion.

  • Animation
    Perform animation of mechanisms either in a local machine or through the internet. Easily build animation for other mechanisms using QuickAniamtion in Ch.

  • Web-Based
    Using the Web-based mechanism design and analysis system and Ch Mechanism Toolkit, design and analysis of four-bar, five-bar, six-bar linkages including fourbar/crank-slider, Watt six-bar, Stephenson six-bar, and cam-follower mechanism can be performed through the Web using a Web browser over the internet without any programming. The user can develop other web-based applications easily using this mechanism toolkit.

  • Plotting Utilities
    Provide many plotting functions to allow output visually displayed or exported as external files with a variety of different file formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, Postscript, LaTeX, etc. They can also readily be copied and pasted in other applications such as Word in Windows.

  • C/C++ Compatible
    Different from other software packages, programs written in Ch Mechanism Toolkit can work with existing C/C++ programs and libraries seamlessly.

  • Object-Oriented
    Implemented as classes for commonly used mechanisms, Ch Mechanism Toolkit is object-oriented.

  • Cross-Platform
    Developed in Ch, applications using Ch Mechanism Toolkit can run across different platforms.

  • Embeddable
    With Embedded Ch, Ch programs using Mechanism Toolkit can be embedded in other C/C++ application programs.