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 Plotting/Numerical Computing
 Embedded Scripting

Enterprise solution for software development
Ch application programs can be developed in one machine and deployed in different platforms. This will result in enormous savings in personnel, hardware, system administration, development, testing, maintenance, and technical support.

With Ch scripting, you can stop worrying about broken makefiles in your project. An application with multiple C/C++ files can be easily run in a simple Ch script.

Furthermore, Ch can be easily used to integrate different enterprise software components and existing legacy systems. With our powerful CGI component, you can leverage your previous investment and port your application into web based services easily. CGI programming in Ch with classes CResponse, CRequest, CServer and CCookie are easy to use, especially for those who are familiar with Microsoft ASP or Java JSP. It simplifies Web-based application development significantly without leaving the familiar programming domain. A software engineer can develop for both domain specific and Web-based applications, which will result in better quality software, improved time-to-market, and reduced personnel cost.

Based on the open C/C++ standards, Ch has zero learning curve for C/C++ users. There are ample skilled software developers ready to help your software development in Ch. Moreover, Ch extends C for easy of scripting with advanced features for text handling, numerical computing, and plotting on the fly. All your software development can be accomplished within the familiar framework of C/C++/Ch without using other programming languages. This will significantly reduce the cost of training, software development and maintenance and improve time-to-market.