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Ch was especially designed and implemented for novice and inexperienced computer users. It lowers the barrier for them to get a quick start on learning computing and prorgramming. It is the most effective tool for learning.

Ch is a very high-level language environment (VHLL). It allows students to focus on data structure and algorithm instead of tedious compile/link cycle and complex IDE distraction. Ch and ChIDE are designed to work together with any existing C/C++ compilers. Many instructors find that it is very helpful for students to understand concepts of scripting/interpreter/compiler when they introduce computing and programming with both Ch and SIGL(SoftIntegration Graphical library).

Many schools are using Ch to improve their teaching programs. SoftIntegration delivers a powerful computing environment for teaching courses such as

"I thought I'd let you know that I have adopted Ch for use in teaching Introductory C at the College of Southern Nevada.

It's a wonderful product. The more I work with Ch, the more thrilled I am to have it as a teaching tool!

I do have copy of "C for Engineers and Scientists". It has a prominent spot in my bookshelf, and I've referred to it several times for guidance with Ch, as well as for gathering ideas for ways to better introduce topics to my students. Harry has a very clear and succinct writing style that I enjoy."
-- Kevin G. Mess, Adjunct Faculty
    College of Southern Nevada

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Introduction to Computer Programming, Algorithms, Applied Numerical Analysis with 2D/3D Graphical Plotting, Mechanisms Design and Analysis, CAD, Control Systems, Mechatronics, Robotics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Database, Computer Network, Math Statistics, and Unix Shell Programming.

Unlike other proprietary mathematical software packages such as MATLAB® and Mathematica®, Ch conforms to the open ISO C/C++ standards supported by the entire computer industry. For example, Ch supports all new features for numerical computing in the latest C99 standard. Advanced programming in Ch will allow students to learn fundamentals such as structured programming and object-based programming with data abstraction and information hiding. The advanced numerical and visualization features in Ch allow students to solve practical problems in engineering and science rapidly. The latest technology and knowledge gained by students are applicable in industry in decades to come.

An increasging number of universities have adopted Ch for their teaching and research programs. Instructors at universities are using SoftIntegration software to:

  • Improve the quality of instruction
    Ch is user-friendly with brevity and simplicity. The Ch command shell is especially suitable for interactive presentations using a laptop in a classroom with a quick system response. With an interactive computing environment, instructors can relieve students from tedious compile/link/execute/debug cycles, and focus on teaching the knowledge and problem solving skills. Ch is especially suitable for developing interactive instructional contents in engineering and science for distance learning as shown in online scientific numerical computing and visualization.

  • Improve research programs
    Ch is an effective tool for many research projects. At universities, teaching and research are integrated. Graduate students with strong programming experience in C/C++/Ch will be beneficial to many research projects. Ch bridges the gap between system programming and script computing in C, there are ample research opportunities for exploration of its applications in many different fields.

  • Saving cost
    Unlike proprietary and expensive mathematical software packages, Ch costs a fraction of other similar software packges. Many toolkits and packages are free. Ch contains all capabilities, features, and simplicity of other proprietary mathematical software packages. Ch conforms to open ISO C/C++ standards. Your existing legacy C programs can readily run in Ch across different platforms without investments in different hardware platforms and system administration. Your research results, algorithms and code written in Ch can be easily shared with your colleagues and students who may use different computer platforms.

  • Easy and Convenience
    Ch will make beginners' learning experience more enjoyable. Ch will display with many diagnostic warning and helpful error messages, instead of cryptic arcane error messages such as "segmentation fault" and "bus error" using C/C++ compilers and linkers. As a superset of C with classes in C++, there is a large body of existing user and code base. Sample C code in many textbooks can readily be executed interactively in Ch for teaching and learning.