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Enterprise solution for test engineer and quality assurance department

Ch is a portable shell with a consistent interface in Unix, Linux, and Windows. Ch can invoke commands written in other conventional Unix/Windows shells and scripting languages. Ch scripts can be written to perform testing tasks interactively and efficiently.

Embedded ch allows you to embed our Ch scripting engine into application for dynamic scripting testing. It is especially suitable for software products developed and deployed to run in a heterogeneous computing environment with Unix, Linux, and Windows.

"Ch and Embedded Ch toolkit provide a framework and development environment that enabled the development of an extremely flexible Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) environment. The standard ANSI C/C++ support makes training an issue of the past.

The performance of the Ch interpreter far exceeded our expectations. The technical support from SoftIntegration was exceptional and sets a standard for other developers to achieve.

I strongly recommend Embedded Ch for all people developing Script based Test Environments."

Errol Korpinen, Manager at Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

You can even use Ch to test C/C++ functions without complete programs. For example, you can test function in Ch shell as below.

C:/home> cat test.c void test() { printf("test() is successfully tested \n"); } test(); C:/home> test.c test() is successfully tested C:/home>

Portable POSIX functions such as opendir() and readdir() for handling files in a directory recursively are especially useful for regression test across different platforms.

Moreover, Ch is a superset of C interpreter with classes in C++. Ch scripts can be written in the framework of Ch/C/C++, while taking advantage of other scripting languages and utilities. Ch scripts for quality assurance are easy to develop and maintain. Web-based Ch programming allows you to accomplish your testing tasks conveniently through Web browsers anywhere and anytime.

Ch blurs the line of software engineer and software tester. Your expertise on the quality assurance as well as on the programming language used by software engineers is invaluable to your organization.