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Enterprise solution for IT manager and system administrator
IT managers and system administrators need to remotely administer computers, repetitively perform backups across different platforms, write login scripts, and automate tasks. Unix shells, Windows MSDOS shells and Perl are popularly used. However, the language syntaxes of conventional Unix shells such as Bourne shell, C shell, Korn shell and BASH are awkward. Similar to symbolic mnemonic forms of lower level assembly languages, special meanings for clusters of metacharacters in these Unix shells are difficult to remember. The programming features of MS-DOS shells and cmd.exe are very limited, they are treated as command interpreters by most users. It is difficult to write powerful scripts using these conventional Unix/Windows shells. It is well known that Perl scripts are easy to write but hard to read and maintain.

Ch is a portable shell with a consistent interface in Unix and Windows. Ch shell scripts can be invoked by all other conventional Unix/Windows shells, and likewise scripts written in all other conventional Unix/Windows shells can be conveniently invoked in Ch shell scripts.

Moreover, as a superset of C with classes in C++, shell programming in Ch is easy and fun. You can get the same job done with much less effort in Ch than in other scripting languages. Web-based Ch programming allows you to accomplish your system administration tasks conveniently through Web browsers anywhere and anytime.

Ch bridges the gap between command shells and conventional programming languages. It seamlessly integrates shell programming with C scripting. The powerful text handling utilities, such as sed and awk can run from Ch scripts directly and the output can be assigned to a variable in Ch. You can enjoy very high-level shell programming while leveraging your C language skills.

Your expertise on the system administration as well as on the programming language used by software engineers is invaluable to your organization. Your department will no longer just play a supporting role because you are vital to the success of your organization.