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Embedded Ch contains the all features of Ch Professional Edition, except that it cannot be started standalone and run time distribution has no chide included.

To get price quote, please answer the following questions, and send us an email at

Different industry has different request for their embedded scripting needs. You may subject to different discount program. We will get back to you promptly after receiving your mail.

  1. How many operating systems does your product run with Embedded Ch? which operating systems? Please specify if you use 32 bit or 64 bit, they are treated as a different operating system.

  2. How many products need Embedded Ch? what is the name of each product that will be embedded with Embedded Ch?

  3. How many developers will use Embedded Ch?

  4. How is your product going to use Embedded Ch? Will your customers write C/C++ scripts to be processed by Embedded Ch?

  5. How many copies do you expect to distribute your products with Embedded Ch in total?

  6. What's the price for a single unit of your hardware or software that uses Embedded Ch?

  7. Is your company a startup company without a product distributed yet? If this is the case, when do you expect your first product will be available for distribution?

  8. How do you know our products?

  9. What is your time line to buy Embedded Ch if it meets your requirements?

  10. Your name, title, company name, website, address and the contact phone number.