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System Requirements

Download Ch OpenCV v2.5 source code for Windows and Linux for OpenCV v1.0 (Note: Click 1.0 under the target web page).
Download Ch OpenCV v2.5 binary for Windows with OpenCV v1.0 (Note: Click 1.0 under the target web page).

Ch OpenCV v2.6.1 source code for Windows and Linux for OpenCV v1.1.
Ch OpenCV v2.6.1 binary for Windows for Windows with OpenCV v1.1.

Ch OpenCV Package is Ch binding to Intel's Open Source Compuer Vision (OpenCV) C library. Ch OpenCV is jointly developed by Intel and SoftIntegration as a default interface to OpenCV binary library and included as open source in the distribution of OpenCV.

"I am very pleased with the OpenCV capability of Ch, among many other aspects! Ch has potential well beyond environments such as Matlab for concept testing, modeling, and simulation with the added benefit of the 'resultant code' being more easily integrated into the ultimate target application in a seamless manner. For our purposes this translates into high productivity and qualifies as rapid application development (RAD), not to mention 'Rapid Education Assimilation' (REA) when endeavoring to learn the nuances of new functions."

-- Dean Vieau, Magna Donnelly Inc.

"I have Ch for developing camera calibration software using the OpenCV library. It is very useful for prototyping. For speed purposes, I can compile the same code using Borland's free compiler before running."

-- Kristian Kirk

"I am a software engineer in Big Brat Ltd., a company making video surveillance solutions. As a computer vision based algorithms researcher, I have found Ch OpenCV Package very useful. It saves me a lot of time when I'm working on such areas as face or number plate recognition! It lets me to fast prototype algorithms with the same code which will be used in a final product."

--- Konrad Kokosa

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OpenCV was originally developed by Intel to provide a free and open infrastructure where the distributed efforts of the vision community can be consolidated and performance optimized. This open source library is mainly aimed at real-time computer vision. OpenCV can be used for human-computer interaction (HCI); object identification, segmentation and recognition; face recognition; gesture recognition; motion tracking, ego motion, motion understanding; structure from motion (SFM); monitoring; biometrics; and mobile robotics.

With Ch OpenCV package, all C programs using OpenCV library can readily run without tedious compiling and linking cycles. OpenCV applications can take advantage of built-in 2D/3D graphical plotting and advanced numerical functions in Ch. More complex applications can be designed and deployed together with other software modules such as Ch OpenGL, Ch GTK, Ch Windows, and Ch X/Motif Toolkits.

Moreover, real-time computer vision can be easily accomplished remotely and displayed through the Web dynamically with Ch CGI Toolkit.

Ch OpenCV package can be used to increase efficiencies for rapid application development and open architecture integration of computer vision systems. It can especially shorten the time to develop solutions with real-time computer vision for engineers and students without extensive VC++ programming experience. It is ideal for teaching and learning computer vision.