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Solutions for Enterprise
      C for system programming
                  C++ for large-scale projects
                              C/C++ interpreter --- Ch for script computing

Enterprise engineering and IT department must meet a growing number of requests for new applications and services. To meet these requests, you have to manage the increasing number of software projects written in C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, Perl, Python, PhP, Tcl/Tk, C/Bourne/BASH/Korn shells and other languages. It is a headache to integrate different components and applications written in different languages. The best way to ensure that different applications work together is to build them all in a common language. What's more, you want to maximize your investments without increasing the size of your engineering and IT department.

SoftIntegration has great solutions to the above problem. We realize that, like mastering a natural language, it takes time to perfect one's skill in a powerful programming language. Programmers are more productive using a familiar language than an unfamiliar one. Keeping your engineers productive is critical for the success of your company. With C/Ch/C++, you can now develop, deploy and maintain an increasing number of applications across different platforms and devices, at reduced software development, training and maintenance cost.

Our solution can be applied to the following areas: