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SoftIntegration Graphical Library Demos.

An application program written using SoftIntegration Graphical Library (SIGL) can be compiled in C++. The same program, without any modification, can also run in Ch Professional Edition without compilation. For example, this program can be compiled in C++ with SIGL or readily executed in Ch.

#include <math.h> #include <chplot.h> #define NUM 36 int main() { double x[NUM], y[NUM]; class CPlot plot; int i; for(i=0; i<NUM; i++) { x[i] = i*360/(NUM-1); // assign x with values from 0 to 360 linearly y[i] = sin(x[i]*M_PI/180); } plot.title("Ch plot"); plot.label(PLOT_AXIS_X, "xlabel"); plot.label(PLOT_AXIS_Y, "ylabel"); plot.data2DCurve(x, y, NUM); plot.plotting(); } to display a plot with a sine wave shown below.

Winplot is an example of how a plot can be displayed inside a window for an application. The interactive plotting can be accomplished in SIGL and Embedded Ch. The mathematical expressions entered by the user through a graphical user interface in Windows is processed by Embedded Ch and plotting is accomplished by SIGL. Winplotanim is an example of how to plot real-time data continuously.

There are over 100 demo programs in the distribution of SIGL. Click a plot below to view the corresponding program that generates the plot readily for display through the Web.

SIGL Powered Plot SIGL Powered Plot SIGL Powered Plot SIGL Powered Plot SIGL Powered Plot