Major Features and Comparison of Ch Professional Edition and Ch Student Edition

Features Ch Student Ch Professional
ISO C90 Standard X X
Wide characters in Addendum 1 for C90 X X
Complex numbers in C99 X X
Variable length arrays (VLAs) in C99 X X
IEEE floating-point arithmetic in C99 X X
Type generic functions in C99 X X
long long data type in C99 X X
Many other new features in C99 X X
Classes and other features in C++ X X
Complex IEEE floating-point arithmetic X X
Assumed-shape arrays X X
Nested functions X X
Interactive C statement execution X X
Interactive command shell X X
Shell programming X X
Safe Ch X X
Ch applets X X
String type X X
Adjustable array bounds X X
Socket/Winsock X X
Ch SDK to interface binary C/C++ code X X
Unix utilities such as vi, ls, grep for Windows X X
OpenGL toolkit X X
GTK+ toolkit X X
X/Motif toolkit on Unix/Linux X X
Windows toolkit on Windows X X
Support Common Gateway Interface (CGI) X X
Support third party software such as ODBC and NI-DAQ X X
Soft Copies of Ch Users's Guide, ChIDE User's Guide,
Ch Reference Guide, and Ch SDK User's Guide
Multiple users on a single machine X X
Ch Integrated Development Environment (ChIDE) X X
Computational array (array.h) X X
2D/3D graphical plotting X X
Advanced numerical analysis functions X X
QuickAnimation™ for quick animation X X
All functions in C LAPACK X X
Ch Mechanism Toolkit X X
Support all toolkits and packages X X

Note: Ch Student Edition is available to registered students of an educational institution (K-12, junior college, college) where a valid Ch teaching laboratory license (a teaching lab license for up to 35 machines) for Ch Professional Edition has been purchased. Ch Student Edition is the same as Ch Professional Edition, with the following restrictions:

  1. The step-by-step debug mode in ChIDE is not available.
  2. A plot generated by Ch Student Edition will display "This plot is generated by Ch Student Edition" in the x-label in a separate line.
  3. The font size in ChIDE cannot be changed to more than 10.
  4. The total number of elements of an array is limited to 20,000.
  5. It is availale for Windows (32 and 64 bits), Linux (32 and 64 bits), and Mac OS X x86 (32 bits) only.
  6. It is for a single user on a single machine owned by a student.
  7. To qualify for Ch Student Edition, you must be a registered student of an educational institution (K-12, junior college, college). The product must be restricted to use in conjunction with classes in an institution.
  8. Contact your instructor or IT support staff in your institute to obtain Ch Student Edition.

Ch Professional Edition for Windows, Mac, and Linux will expire in 40 days after installation if there is no valid license. A plot generated by Ch Professional Edition during the first 40 days evaluation displays "This plot is generated by Ch Professional Evaluation Edition" in the x-label in a separate line.

Ch Professional Edition for ARM (Raspberry Pi) is free for educational and personal use.