Third Party Solutions and User Contributed Code
      Ch Arduino

Excel Spreadsheet
      ChExcel to Manipulate Microsoft Excel Using C/C++ Scripts

      Mobile-C, a multi-agent platform for mobile C/C++ agents
      Ch CGI (Common Gateway Interface) to Web servers
      Ch cURL package for FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, GOPHER, TELNET, DICT, FILE and LDAP processing.

Mechanism Design and Analysis
      Whitworth Quick Return Mechanism
      Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms
      Computer-Aided Mechanism Design and Analysis Using ChExcel

      Ch memcached package
      Ch ODBC, iODBC, unixODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
      Ch unixODBC How to
      Ch iODBC How to
      Ch SQLite for Self-Contained Embeddable Zero-Configuration SQL Database
      Ch LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Numerical Analysis
      Ch LAPACK for Numerical Analysis (Bundled with Ch Professional Edition)
      Ch GMP for Multiple Precision Arithmetic
      Ch GSL for GNU Scientific Library
      Ch GAUL (Genetic Algorithm Utility Library)
      ChExcel to Manipulate Microsoft Excel Using C/C++ Scripts

      RecurDyn/CoLink -- a complete CAE solution for design and simulation of multi-body dynamic (MBD) and control systems

2D/3D Plotting, Graphics, Computer Vision, and Image Processing
      Ch Plotting (Bundled with Ch Professional Edition)
      Boxplot for boxes and whisker points for vector data
      Ch Plotting using GTK+
      Ch OpenGL (Bundled with Ch) and Nate Robins' OpenGL Tutorial Demo Programs (Tested in Ch)
      Ch imagemagick
      Ch Windows
      Ch OpenCV (Intel Open Source Computer Vision for Image Processing and Computer Vision)
      Ch PNG
      Ch TIFF
      Ch JPEG
      Ch Ming for generating SWF ("Flash") format movies
      DISLIN high-level plotting library

Mobile Computing
      Mobile-C (Mobile Agent-Based Computing with Mobile C/C++ Code)

      Ch SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer)

Graphical User Interface (GUI)
      Ch GTK+
      Ch X/Motif (Bundled with Ch)
      Ch Win32 (Bundled with Ch)

      Ch XML Package for Oracle C/C++ XDK
      Ch Libxml2 Package for XML C parser for the Gnome project
      Ch Mini-XML Package

Real-Time Computing
      Ch RTAI (Realtime Application Interface) for Linux
      RTLinux API is supported readily in Ch.

3D Audio
      Ch OpenAL (3D Audio API)

Motion Control
      PSIM powered with Embedded Ch from Powersim Inc.
      Ch NI-Motion (National Instruments NI-Motion FlexMotion)
      Ch PMAC PCOM (Delta Tau Data Systems's PMAC PCOM)

Digital Signal Processing
      SigLib DSP library supports Ch

Data Acquisition
      Velleman Ch K8055 for USB Experiment Interface Board K8055
      Ch NI-DAQ (National Instruments NI-DAQ)
      Ch LabVIEW (Embed Ch into LabVIEW)

      Ch Robot Controller for Lego Mindstorms NXT and EV3
      Ch Mindstorms Package for NXT and EV3 -- included in C-STEM Studio
      Ch Linkbot Controller for Linkbot
      Ch Finch robot
      Ch RoboTalk to communicate with RoboWorks models in real-time.

      Ch Java

      Ch MPI (Message Passing Interface)

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
      Edit and run Ch programs, with syntax highlighting for keywords and shebang "#!/bin/ch", and
      the output displayed within a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

      ChIDE, it is now integreted into Ch Professional and Student Editions
      ChScite IDE for Ch with the user interface in the local language (Windows binary and source code for other platforms are available) (free)
      Zeus Editor for Windows (Download zeus 3.92 or above supporting Ch)
      Crimson Editor for Windows with instructions to use Ch and a tutorial on how to getting started (free)
      EditPad Pro for Windows and Linux
      Code Forge for Linux and Unix
      EmEditor for Windows
      EditPlus for Windows with Ch syntax files and configuration instructions
      SlickEdit for Windows, Unix and Mac OS X
      UltraEdit for Windows
      C-Free for Windows, providing both English Edition and Chinese Edition
      NEdit for Unix and Mac OS X with Ch Syntax file (free)
      ConTEXT Editor for Windows with instructions to use Ch (free)
      Magic C++ for Windows(with cygwin)/Linux/Unix. It also supports Chinese language.
      kode for Windows and Linux
      TextWrangler for Mac OS X (free)

Compression and Decompression
      Ch zlib

Character Encoding Conversion
      Ch libiconv

Regular Expressions
      Ch PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)

Record-Jar Structured Text File Format
      Ch Open-RJ for readers of the Record-Jar structured text file format.

      Using Ch with Autolev to solve dynamics equations.

SWIG Ch Binding
      Chase project using SWIG to bind Ch with third party libraries.

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