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Why learn C first?

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Why Ch? What makes Ch superior to C/C++ compilers and IDEs for learning C and programming?

Learning C programming is challenging for the beginners. Traditionally, you need to learn how to use compile, link, make and complex IDE before starting to program. Not anymore. C/C++ interpreter Ch is the 21st century solution for the C beginners.

Originated as a teaching and learning tool for non-computer science major students, Ch aims to make learning C/C++ as simple and easy as learning Basic. Whether you're a student, a teacher, or a professional, Ch makes the time you spend coding easier, more productive and more rewarding.

  • Quick & Easy to install and get started. The file size to install is less than 100Mb. No libraries to find and install, or wading through open-source websites. Ch lets your students begin at the beginning.

  • The interactive Ch shell keeps students interested and focused. The students can type statements or programs and see the results or errors immediately and interactively. Ch lets the students work more intuitively and turns them into active learners with a probing mind. No need to go through painful cycle of edit->make/compile->link->run->debug/break again and again. The instant gratification also helps make the teacher's presentations in class smoother and more natural.

    "Which way would you rather learn to play the piano: the normal, interactive way, in which you hear each note as soon as you hit a key, or "batch" mode, in which you only hear the notes after you finish a whole song? Clearly, interactive mode makes learning easier for the piano, and also for programming." -- Peter Norvig

  • ChIDE is an easy-to-use cross-platform IDE. Third-party tools such as MS Visual Studio and Mac OSX XCode only run on certain platforms. There is no way to show how to use different IDE in the class and students have to learn it themselves. There is nothing worse than struggling with an IDE that is more complicated than the language you are trying to teach. It is an overkill to create a workspace, then the project, make complex configuration, for just testing a few lines of C code and algorithm using big and complex IDE such as NetBeans/Eclipse for the beginners.

  • C/C++ Compiler are supported. The students have an option to learn and use compiler along with Ch if necessary. Visual Studio in windows and gcc in Unix are supported in both Ch shell and ChIDE by default. You can compile and run C/C++ code from either Ch shell or ChIDE. However, compiler and complex third party IDEs are best left for later when the students become a competent programmer.

  • Powerful features for helping teaching and learning.

    1. It includes the simplest tools for 2D/3D plotting and animation in C/C++. No need to mix your programs with Excel spreadsheets. No need to look for other tools with plotting capabilities.

    2. It supports advanced numerical capabilities and can be used to quickly solve complicated engineering and science problems. It supports computational arrays, linear algebra, differential equations, and much more.

    3. It supports shell programming and scripting. C Compatible and interactive Ch shell is an ideal tool for learning shell programming in Windows and Unix.

  Testimonials from Teachers and Students

"One of the main obstacles to learning a computer language is learning the things not germane to learning the language. Ch is as close to a perfect teaching environment as I have seen in 20 years for teaching C or C++. I advocate Ch to all of my CS students. If I were in charge of the world, I would require all schools to use an interactive environment such as Ch." --- Professor Gene Sheppard, Computer Science, Georgia Perimeter College

"Ch is very much appreciated by beginners and teachers alike. For the first time in my career, I was able to introduce pointers to complete beginners without it seeming unnatural." -- Professor Jym Feat, Paris8 University, France

"I used your products to learn more about C and C++. Out of the 15 products that I tried, yours proves to be the best and unbelievably easiest to use." -- Nick LaVeglia, a high school student

"I think that Ch is the best tool so far I have used. I used to fear C/C++ until I came across the Ch interpreter. Ch is good as far as its stated job is concerned. I like its documentation and its look. It helps me solve a lot of compile time and run time errors as I learn the C programming language. The only suggestion I can make is that it has to be publicized more and more on Google groups. I only wish that Ch would grow in popularity as PHP or any other scripting environments out there. " -- Ishe Chinyoka, a student

"I am studying Computer Science, and I do write a lot of C and C++ programs. The most of available IDE to write programs are very heavy, and simply do not follow the end user.

The most annoying problem of IDE's like MSVS, NetBeans or Eclipse are heavy, made user to make new project for every solution, and are putting lot of garbage to hard drive. Some solutions like notepad (notepad++, notepad2) + compiler are very cumbersome, and also contains some fancy, but never used options.

With ChIDE I have everything I do really need, nice, good working compiler, awesome notepad with tabs and indentation, plotting device (far better than gnuplot or other stuff). It provides the best IDE ever. C shell which is far beyond compare with csh. Also Unix commands on windows, that gives real power. " -- Visajo Capashen

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