Ch Source Code for Sample Plots
A Ch program can be generated dynamically, passed across the network safely, and executed interpretively without compilation in any computer platform where a Ch virtual machine is installed. Web-based plots and graphics can be generated on the fly easily in Ch. Ch has many other high-level plotting functions. More information about Ch plotting can be found here.

An application program with 2D/3D plotting can be compiled in C++ with SoftIntegration Graphical Library (SIGL). The same program, without any modification, can also run in a Ch virtual machine without compilation.

Click a plot below to view the corresponding Ch/C++ program that generates the plot readily for display through the Web.

Ch Powered Plot Ch Powered Plot Ch Powered Plot Ch Powered Plot

If you are interested in platform-independent graphical user interface (GUI), 3D graphics and animation, Web-based 3D graphics using industry standards GTK+, Windows, X/Motif, and OpenGL, click figures below.

helloworld.gif dialogboxindirect01.jpg. aniwave.gif. glw.gif.

Click here to download Ch to run these demos now.