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Ch NAG Statistics Package
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Ch NAG Statistics Package is Ch binding to NAG statistics C library.

Ch NAG Statistics Package is based on NAG's accurate, reliable, robust and comprehensive statistics library. With Ch NAG Statistics Package, all NAG statistics functions can run in Ch without compilation and link. It runs in Ch Professional Edition which supports all C99 numerical features with additional high-level numerical and graphical extensions.

"I have used the Ch Professional Edition, CGI Toolkit and NAG Statistics Package, ODBC Package for research purposes. I personally think that Ch is a very useful software package and each university has to start teaching it as a class, in extension to programming and scientific/engineering courses. It gives you the power of C/C++ (low level and object oriented programming), the flexibility to plot graphs, create web pages but also access to the NAG statistics Package."

-- G. Britzolakis, George Mason University

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Major Features of Ch NAG Statistics Package Include

  • Correlation and regression, multivariate methods, and analysis of variance

  • Random number generation

  • Nonparametric statistics, smoothing, contingency table analysis, and survival analysis

  • Time series analysis

  • Interactive execution of routines for rapid application development and deployment
Benefits of Using Ch NAG Statistics Package Include
  • Rapid application development and prototyping with Ch C/C++ interpreter

  • With free Ch CGI toolkit, it is easy to deploy web based statistics analysis with graphical presentation.

  • With free Ch ODBC toolkit, it is easy to integrate with database for statistics analysis.

  • With free ChExcel, it is easy to integrate with Excel for statistics analysis as shown in this example.

  • Enhance existing or new statistics analysis and computing with 2D/3D plotting, GUI GTK+, X/Motif, Win32, and OpenGL.

  • Developing statistics routines is time consuming and costly; using NAG algorithms saves development time and reduces maintenance costs

  • Improve application robustness

  • Reduce key person dependency

  • Allow more time to concentrate on the specialist aspects of your application