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  • GUTS (Generic Unified Testing Software) developed by Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is a flexible Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) environment. It is used for testing of their products of amplifiers, front-end modules and direct conversion transceivers that are at the heart of many of today's leading-edge multimedia handsets. Their products support automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, industrial and medical app lications. Embedded Ch is used throughout the entire GUTS application, including instrument control, data collection, test execution, etc.

  • Visual Chip and Fab It! 2008 from Numerical Innovations LLC are "Full-Featured" and Customizable CAM software packages for the PCB industry. They are popularly used to design IC, MEMs, Microwave/RF circuits, and optical components. Embedded Ch allows designers to write custom scripts in C/C++ and full applications that run directly inside Visual Chip and Fab It! 2008. It gives designers everything needed to get from Design to Fabrication to Assembly.

  • RecurDyn/CoLink from FunctionBay, Inc is an enterprise CAE software for design and simulation of multi-body dynamics, FEM, finite element analysis, control, computational fluid dynamics, and optimization. Embedded Ch is used in RecurDyn for scripting and numerical computing.

  • Mobile-C is an open-source IEEE FIPA (Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents) standard compliant multi-agent platform for supporting C/C++ mobile agents in networked intelligent mechatronic and embedded systems. Although it is a general-purpose multi-agent platform, Mobile-C is specifically designed for real-time and resource constrained applications with interface to hardware. Mobile agents are software components that are able to move between different execution environments. Mobile agents in a multi-agent system communicate and work collaboratively with other agents to achieve a global goal. It allows a mechatronic or embedded system to adapt to a dynamically changing environment. Embedded Ch is used as the execution engine in Mobile-C to execute mobile C/C++ code.

  • PSIM powered by Embedded Ch from Powersim Inc. is a widely used software environment for simulation and design of power electronics and motor drive systems. The Ch interpreter embedded in PSIM allows users to model a device or function block using C code entered directly in the PSIM environment.

  • E9-1-1 from TeleCommunication Systems, Inc is wireless 9-1-1 services. Today, TCS provides E9-1-1 services to more than 100 million subscribers in the United States for more than 35 wireless carriers and handles more than 85,000 life saving calls daily. Embedded Ch is one of the important components for mission-critical TCS cellular E9-1-1 services.

  • IntelliWave from Engineering Synthesis Design, Inc. is widely considered to be the #1 independent interferometer analysis software on the market. It is used in a variety of industries, including small companies, large corporations such as Kodak and DuPont, as well as major research labs including NASA and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Embedded Ch Professional Edition adds many new scripting features and functions to IntelliWave including advanced automation, data processing, and systems integration with other programs. It extends user's ability to conveniently automate IntelliWave in C/C++ scripts for a variety of tasks in different industries.

  • ChIDE uses Embedded Ch to debug and execute C/Ch/C++ programs. ChIDE is distributed in Ch Professional, Professional Evaluation, and Student Editions.

  • ChExcel is an example of how Embedded Ch can be embedded into an application. ChExcel is freeware and it is a Microsoft Excel add-in. It allows Excel speadsheets to be manipulated through C/C++ scripts.

  • Ch for Virtual Instrumentation (LabVIEW). This example illustrates C/C++ scripting in a virtual instrument by embedding Ch in LabVIEW. The source code for using Embedded Ch can be downloaded.

  • Winplot and Winplotanim are examples of how Embedded Ch is used to calculate a mathematical expression entered by the user through a graphical user interface in Windows. The mathematical expression is then plotted. The source code for using Embedded Ch can be downloaded.

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